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Show Your Patriotic Side with Hawaiian Coffee

It’s always nice to be able to purchase items that benefit your own. Here in the US, we always prefer Made in the USA on the labels. When looking at coffee we have obvious limitations. The only area where coffee can be grown with any success in the US is Hawaii. Fortunately, coffee from Hawaii is some of the finest coffee in the world.   With Independence Day this week, show your patriotism by buying American with these excellent Hawaiian coffees.   Coffee from the USA  

Hawaiian Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’

Grown high on the slopes of Mauna Loa, this classic Hawaiian coffee is medium roasted and brews into a full-bodied coffee with slight acidity and overtones of sweetness.    

Hawaiian Kona Reserve

This medium roasted coffee is high grown in the volcanic soils of the Big Island of Hawaii. Sweet and subtle with a medium body this well-balanced bean has a nutty chocolate finish.    

Hawaiian Maui Mokka

A cultivar of the original coffee plants found in Yemen, this mokka is grown on the island of Maui. Strong and spicy with a smooth sweetness and a dark chocolate finish, this bean is uncommon and exceptional.    

Maui Yellow Caturra

When ripe, the cherry of this coffee plant is a bright yellow, giving it the name Yellow Caturra. Full bodied and smooth, this medium roasted coffee is reminiscent of a fine red wine with notes of spicy cinnamon and allspice. (currently out of stock)    

Maui Red Catuai

A cross-varietal and sister to the Maui Yellow Caturra, the Red Catuai similarly brings to mind rich red wine and is considered “the cabernet of coffees.” Buttery with a hint of spice and a splash of grapefruit citrus, this exotic coffee has a bright and consistent flavor.     Having a hard time choosing just one? A sampler may be just the thing.  

Hawaiian Coffee Sampler

Half-pound bags of four of our Hawaiian coffees will take your taste buds on a Pacific Island vacation. Includes our Hawaiian Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’, Hawaiian Maui Mokka, Maui Yellow Caturra, and Maui Red Catuai. (currently out of stock)    

Kona Coffee Sampler

Conduct your own coffee tasting with this Kona sampler. Contains half-pound bags of our Hawaiian Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’, Hawaiian Kona Reserve, Hawaii Kona Coffee Cuvee, and Kona Coffee Blend.     And for a slightly more budget-friendly Hawaiian coffee experience, try one of our blends.  

Kona Coffee Blend

Though this blend does include Hawaiian Kona, it is expertly mixed with beans from Central and South America. Medium roasted, this heavy-bodied coffee has an intense aroma and a rich chocolaty nuttiness.    

Hawaii Kona Coffee Cuvee

The rich notes of chocolate in Hawaiian Kona coffee meet the sweet caramel of Central and South American beans in our smooth, well-balanced Hawaii Kona Coffee Cuvee.   There you have it, the perfect coffees for the 4th. Enjoy your celebrations morning 'til night.
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