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Recycle coffee grinds

The year 2009 brings two thoughts to mind, going green and recession. Combining those two things Americans have become more resourceful in recycling everyday items to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.  Being that more than 330 million cups of coffee are consumed daily…take that number in for a moment, 330 million…CoffeeAM thought it was best we discover all the ways we can recycle coffee grounds! Brewing beauty tips Coffee grounds make an excellent body scrub because they are abrasive and because they contain caffeine, which increases circulation and facilitates the breakdown of fat under your skin.  You got it…cellulite! Try a recipes of 2 cups ground coffee, ½ cup brown sugar and 3 tablespoons olive oil.  Rub vigorously especially in fatty areas and leave on while you shower.  Rinse, pat dry and make sure to drink lots of water the rest of the day. Brunettes, you’re in luck! Between shampoo and conditioner, add coffee grounds to your hair and rub in well to bring softness, shine and gorgeous natural brown highlights to your hair! Think how much money that will save you at the salon! Don’t forget the pooch!  Rub coffee grounds into fur after shampoo, but before the final rinse to add shine and help repel fleas. In the yard Sprinkle coffee grounds throughout the yard to repel ants, slugs, snails and cutworms.  Mixed with hot water, coffee grounds poured on anthills should have them packing real quick! Enrich your acidic loving indoor-outdoor plants and gardens by adding coffee grounds to the soil. Carrots and radishes will do especially well.  Mix coffee grounds and orange peels to naturally and organically keep pesky cats out of your garden. Add coffee grounds to compost, worm farms or bait. Get crafty! Coffee grounds make a great dye for paper, to give it that old-world look, to Easter eggs or use it for tie-dye! Simply rub petroleum jelly on areas you do not want dyed and soak the rest in a coffee ground bath.  Let dry and wash separate for the first 2 washings. Touch up scratches on furniture with coffee grounds (remember it can/will dye fabric!) or use as an organic abrasive cleaner on stubborn stains on your kitchen pots. Clean it up! Flush coffee grounds down the drain to naturally yet abrasively clean your pipes. Pour ½ cup grounds and 5 cups of very hot water into the sink to kill orders. Place a bowl of your morning coffee grounds in the fridge or freezer to deodorize while you are at work all day. Sprinkle wet grounds onto fireplace ashes to keep the ashes from creating dust when you try to remove them. Dry grounds and fill old nylons with them to act as an odor absorber in the closets. Hopefully our gourmet coffee company has given you some new ideas on ways to reuse your coffee grounds instead of just throwing them away. With a few changes here and there we can all save money and make the world a latte better!
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