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Recession-Proof Your Morning Joe

With prices rising across the board, how can you continue to enjoy your morning coffee without breaking the bank? Here are some easy to implement ideas.

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Keep It At Home

Brew your coffee at home to save money. By having your coffee at home, you not only save money on the coffee itself, but you also save money on fuel costs. When you make your own coffee, you make it for pennies compared to the cost at the cafe. You can even make those delicious coffee drinks for less. Lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, frappes, and more can be made for less when you make them yourself.

Make a Budget

Making and sticking to a budget during a recession is not only a good idea it's a necessity. Design your budget to include your daily needs as well as savings and emergency plans. Ensure you budget for fun things in addition to your needs. Being able to enjoy some perks is necessary to reduce stress and to more easily stay on your budgetary track.

Be Frugal

Learn to be frugal with your money. This doesn't necessarily mean being miserly or cutting out everything frivolous. What it does mean is to spend less and scale back on things you do buy. You can also practice being frugal with what you've already bought. If you only drink two cups of coffee, just brew enough for those two cups. Don't make more than you need just to throw it away after a couple of hours. Invest in a good thermal carafe to keep any leftover coffee for an extended amount of time, and enjoy that coffee for your afternoon break.

Buy Bulk

This may seem counter-intuitive in relation to the previous point, but sometimes buying items in bulk makes more sense and saves you money. For example, keeping items you use often, and in large quantities in-stock, keeps you from having to shop as often, saving you time and money. You can do this with your coffee by purchasing 5 pounds at a time. Be sure your coffee storage system will keep your coffee in peak condition. Invest in good vacuum seal containers to keep that precious coffee fresher longer.

On Sale

Use sales and promotions to get items for less. Here at CoffeeAM, we share multiple opportunities per week for you to save on various coffees and teas in stock. Taking advantage of these limited-time offers can really make a difference. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter or visit our website daily for the latest offers.

Loyalty Programs

Take advantage of rewards and loyalty programs for extra savings. Many loyalty programs offer coupons based on how much you purchase. Our CoffeeAM Loyalty Program gives you one reward point per dollar you spend. These rewards can then be used towards future purchases. Occasionally, we even have double rewards and double redemption days to help you stretch your dollar even further. 

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