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Reading the Tea Leaves: Tea Trends in 2019

It's National Tea Month. In honor of this auspicious occasion, let's take a look at the 2019 tea trends!   tea trends 2019  

Get It While It's Hot

We know hot tea is delicious and most of us enjoy iced tea when it's hot outside, but our first trend is showing us that, regardless of the season, hot tea is, well, hot! It is believed that hot tea helps cool you down faster and better than iced tea. Both the caffeine and the temperature of hot tea help the body to produce sweat which is, of course, the body's natural cooling system. For a refreshing cup of hot tea during those balmy days, reach for chamomile, peppermint, or jasmine.  

Waiter, There's A Flower In My Tea

Botanicals are the next trend we're seeing in teas. Especially botanicals that are useful. For example, rosehips are a great source of Vitamin C. And since 2014, there has been a 55% rise in finding hibiscus in tea. Head over to our tea shop on our CoffeeAM website and check out our tisanes. Made with hibiscus leaves and rosehips along with other fruits and botanicals, these tisanes are caffeine-free and bursting with flavor.  

Follow The Bubbles

For our next trend in tea, we look at texture. Most of the time, we look for our tea to be clear and flavorful, but with this trend, tea drinkers are looking for more. Enter bubbles. Whether you prefer your bubbles to be large and chewy or small and creamy will determine which of these you will enjoy.  

Bubble Tea

Black tea, rich cream, sugar, and massive flavored tapioca pearls come together in this Taiwanese treat. Sometimes made with fruity concoctions rather than actual tea, these fun iced drinks are delicious.  

Carbonated Tea

Add some extra refreshment to your iced tea and make it with tonic water. The burst of bubbles as you sip this unique tea will delight your taste buds. This trend can be used with any type of tea - black, green, herbal, and tisanes. Replace those sugary canned soft drinks with the fresh flavor and tongue tickling bubbles with a carbonated tea.  

Nitro Tea

Now we come to the smallest of the bubbles - nitrogen. For a strong and creamy glass of tea, try infusing it with nitrogen. Much like nitro coffees or stouts like Guinness, nitrogen is infused into the tea giving it an extremely unique texture that you could almost bite.  

Dessert Please

Enjoying a nice cup of tea after dinner sounds like a great way to unwind from the day. And if that tea tastes like dessert, all the better! With the amazing variety of flavors now available, you can have your tea in just about any combination. In the CoffeeAM tea shop, we have about 25 flavors for you to choose from. For a caffeine-free version of dessert tea, our tisanes and herbal teas are a perfect choice. Sweet without being overpowering, a nice cup of tea is ideal for ending your dinner or your day.  

Say Cheese!

Finally, tea did not escape the clutches of social media. Beautiful tea drinks are making it onto Instagram feeds. Those textured teas above, the carbonated, nitro, and bubble teas, are great fodder for someone's Instagram account. Tea lattes have been quite popular of late. And now, with colorful teas, like the butterfly pea tea, you have a recipe for social media success.   Are there any trends we missed that you would like to know more about? Share in the comments below or over on our Facebook page. Thank you!
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