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Rare and Unique Teas and Tea Gifts

Every once in a while it's nice to try something new and different. This Hot Tea Month, why not try some unique and rare teas and tea gifts?

white tea

White Tea

With a delicate flavor that is refreshing and light, white tea is unique and delicious. With sweet notes of honey and slight vegetation, white teas are not oxidized or steamed but are dried. This tea is delightful as an every day brew.

When preparing your white tea, heat your water to just before boiling or, if it has already boiled, let it cool a bit before pouring over your tea leaves. Let steep for two to three minutes then strain out the leaves. Enjoy on its own to experience the nuanced flavors.

Yerba Mate

Though it may be consumed world-wide, yerba mate is still considered an extremely unique tea. Full of caffeine and health benefits, yerba mate is technically an herb not tea.

Preparation of yerba mate is equally as unique. Traditionally served in a gourd, one starts with filling the vessel 1/2 to 2/3 with yerba mate leaves and stems. Cover and gently shake the leaves to fluff them and allow the water to evenly cover all the leaves. Wet the leaves with cool water prior to filling the cup with water just off the boil. Enjoy! As you drink, continue to add hot water until the flavor begins to fade.


Used for theatrical tea ceremonies, matcha has become an extremely popular tea choice of late. This green tea is processed by making it into a fine powder. Once blended with hot water it can be enjoyed as is or can be made into a latte.

To prepare matcha, sift one to two teaspoons into a mug and add water just off the boil. Using a small bamboo whisk, whisk in a zigzagging method until frothy. Enjoy as is or add steamed milk and a little sweetener.


Red rooibos is another unique and flavorful tea. Like yerba mate, rooibos is technically an herb. With a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, rooibos is a delicious option for a naturally decaffeinated tea choice. Enjoyable either on its own, sweetened, or even as a spicy chai.

Ancient Tea Brick

Once upon a time, the Chinese pressed tea leaves into bricks and used them as currency. Enjoy this tea brick as a unique gift. Keep it as a conversation starter or use it to make a delicious pot of black tea. Simply break of a small piece and steep as you would loose leaf tea.

This Hot Tea Month, add any or all of these unique teas to your tea cabinet and enjoy them year-round.

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