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Plan Your Corporate Gifts Now - Let Us Help

The holiday season is here and finding the right gift for the right person can be a challenge. But corporate gift-giving doesn't have to be. Let the team at CoffeeAM help.

corporate gifts at CoffeeAM

Holiday gifts are all about the thoughts behind them. Regardless of who you are choosing a gift for, you want the recipient to know what they mean to you. That goes for your staff, clients, prospects, and donors as well. With choices to fit every budget, we can help you find just the right corporate gift for you.

Individual Coffee or Tea

The simplest gift choice is an individual coffee or tea from our vast collections of gourmet coffees and high-quality teas. Choose a single-origin coffee like our Yemen 'Arabian Mocca', an earthy yet refined coffee that will capture the interest of the drinker, or our exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate that is smooth and chocolaty with a flavor everyone loves. 

Make a difference in the world by gifting one of our organic or fair-trade coffees. Our Organic Bolivia 'La Paz' ticks both the organic and fair-trade boxes. Delectable flavors of rich milk chocolate and bright citrus make this an eye-opener people will surely appreciate. Try one of our blends for something that is unique and hand-crafted to be delicious. The perfect choice for the holidays is our signature Christmas Blend. This well-balanced yet invigorating blend will be the go-to morning brew on Christmas day.

With over 140  flavored coffees to choose from, you can find chocolaty, fruity, nutty flavors, and more. Stick with our holiday coffee flavors and choose one of our Christmas-themed coffees like Reindeer Crunch, a nutty flavored coffee with flavors of hazelnut, macadamia nut, almond, and a splash of vanilla. Our Egg Nog is a delicious combination of silky egg nog, Jamaican rum, and a dash of nutmeg.

Choose one of our black teas like our iconic Earl Grey with its distinctive floral aroma. Our green teas are a fine choice with our China Dragon Phoenix Pearl topping the list. Our flavored black teas add a burst of flavor like juicy apple and spicy cinnamon in our Apple Spice Flavored tea. Choose one of our tisanes or herbal teas for a caffeine-free choice filled with flavor. Our Peppermint herbal tea is perfect with its refreshing flavor of minty peppermint. 


Gift Sets

We've thoughtfully put together quite a few gift sets and samplers that would be an ideal top-tier gift for those on your client list. Give our charming Santa Pants gift set with one-pound bags of our Christmas Blend and our Reindeer Crunch along with one of our Tortuga Rum Cakes.

Our Basket of Joy has three half-pound bags of coffees and two quarter-pound bags of teas handpicked by our Roastmaster. These are packed into a decorative basket along with a tea ball infuser, eight single servings of our Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa, and a Tortuga Rum Cake.

Finally, our Jamaican and Kona Coffee Gift Set has full one-pound bags of our highly sought-after Jamaica Blue Mountain and Hawaii Kona coffees. Your recipients will know they truly made Santa's 'Good List' when they receive this mouthwatering gift set.


Personalization and Shipping

Once you've chosen your gift, we can personalize each bag with either the recipient's name. Speak with our Customer Care Team to determine if your order qualifies for a bespoke label. If so, our designer can create a label that is just for you and your recipients this holiday season. 

Shipping your order is easy. We can ship the entire order directly to you so you can pass out your gifts. If your clients are spread throughout the United States, we can ship your gifts directly to their doorstep. Speak with your representative about which works best for you.

Enjoy playing Santa this year with something you know everyone is going to enjoy.




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