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Organize Your Coffee and Tea Station

Add organizing to your Spring cleaning routine this year and make your coffee and tea station the most Zen place in your house.

coffee and tea station organized

Your coffee and tea station is an important area for you. Keeping it organized ensures a great experience with each cup of coffee or tea. Having all the essentials within easy reach means making your cups and pots of coffee and tea easier and getting your day off on the right foot. So, let's take a look at how best to organize your coffee and tea station.

Where Should It Be?

The first question for organizing your coffee station is to determine the best location. To figure out where to have your station, you need to keep in mind that you will need access to water and electricity. The kitchen is the usual place for keeping your coffee station, but if you have a wet bar in the house, you could repurpose it for your coffee. And, depending on how much money you feel like investing in your coffee station, how much space you have, or how clever you are, you could even have it in your bedroom!

What Should It Include?


Since your coffee station is meant to be convenient to you, be sure to include everything you need to make a tasty cup of coffee or tea. Fresh water, whether provided by a faucet, a pitcher you fill-up daily, or even a water bottle with a dispenser, is necessary.

Heat Source

To make coffee and tea you will likely need a heating source (excepting cold brew). A traditional coffeemaker, a Keurig-type single-serve coffeemaker, or an electric kettle to heat water will be necessary.

Brew Source

If your heat source is a single-serve machine or a coffeemaker, a separate brew source isn't needed. Otherwise, you will need to use a French press, a pour-over, or your cup for tea.

Cooling Source

Depending on whether or not you like using milk or milk substitutes in your coffee or tea, you might wish to include a small refrigerator at your coffee station. This also allows you to keep your cold brew and iced teas nearby. A small "dorm-sized" refrigerator would be a good size if you need that much space. If you don't have enough space for that, a six-pack size refrigerator would be serviceable.


For those times you want to sweeten your coffee and tea, keep your favorite sweeteners nearby. Sugar, honey, sugar substitutes, and syrups can be kept in pretty containers on the counter or shelves. This is a good way to bring a little of your personality into your coffee station.

Drinking Vessels

Make sure you include your coffee cups and mugs in your coffee station. If you take your coffee to go in the mornings, have your travel mugs nearby as well.

Coffee and Tea

Of course, you need to have your coffee and tea choices available in your coffee station. Have a coffee vault to keep your coffee fresh. An air-tight container would also be a good idea for your tea or teabags.


To really make your coffee station personalized to your needs, make sure to include the things you need for your best cup. If you prefer freshly ground coffee, get whole coffee beans and have a coffee grinder. Display your favorite mugs and cups with a cup tree. Finally, add a completely personal touch to your coffee station with plants, art, and other little touches that make you smile.


Keep everything organized by using pieces to corral your items. If you have a small counter, try to save space by using your vertical space. Choose shelves that are wide enough to hold your containers and any other organizing pieces along with your decor. Drawer space can be used to hold single-serve coffee pods, tea bags, spoons, filters, and anything else small. Again, to keep these things organized, use containers or drawer dividers to stay neat.

Use cabinets to keep your extra coffee, tea bags, sweeteners, syrups, and anything else bulky that you want to keep in your coffee station area. You might also like to keep some treats to go with your coffee and tea. Cookies, crackers, or anything else you'd like can be kept here.

Don't forget to keep your coffee and tea stash filled with all your favorites. Take a shopping spree at CoffeeAM to get trending choices and try something new and exciting. Once you create your coffee station, share it with us on our Facebook page!

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