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Offer Freshly Roasted Gourmet Coffee For Your Next Fundraising Event

Fundraisers are a wonderful way to earn money for your school, church, club, or charitable cause. The products you sell can make a world of difference in how well your fundraiser performs. Consider offering CoffeeAM gourmet coffees and teas for your next philanthropic event!   Fundraising graphic  

Why CoffeeAM?

Here are a few reasons CoffeeAM is a superb choice for your cause.  
  • Competitive price and profit – We provide a minimum recommended selling price, but you can set your own prices.
  • Flexibility of choice – You choose up to twelve (12) items from our fabulous gourmet coffees and teas. Regular or decaf? Your choice. Single origin or blend? We can do either. Flavored? Sure! Organic? Absolutely! You build your list of products from our extensive online catalog.
  • Bespoke Coffees – Co-branding opportunities are available (except our organic products due to USDA regulations). Ask about including your logo on the labels.
  • Easy to sell – Gourmet coffee and tea have wide appeal to many people. Fresh and delicious (and diet-friendly!), it practically sells itself.
  • No waiting period – Once we process your final order, we start production the next business day. You won’t wait weeks or months to receive your coffees.
  • No wasted overstock costs – Place the order at the end of your fundraiser and buy only what you need. There is no guessing how many widgets for potential sales.
  • Guaranteed fresh – Grocery store coffee can sit on shelves for weeks or months before it finally makes it to your cart. We hand pick and roast your gourmet coffee to order and ship the same day. You can’t get any fresher than that.
  • BONUS: Your mailroom will smell amazing for the rest of the day!

How Does It Work?

Running a fundraiser with CoffeeAM is easy. Just follow these 8 simple steps.  
  1. 1.  Start the process by calling or emailing us to be registered in our system.
  1. 2.  Choose up to twelve (12) items from the 1 pound gourmet coffees or 1/2 pound teas on our CoffeeAM website.
  1. 3.  Print your custom created promotional flyers and order forms.
  1. 4.  Set your due date and collect orders (and money!) from neighbors, friends, and family.
  1. 5.  Compile individual orders into one single order and submit it to CoffeeAM with payment.
  1. 6.  CoffeeAM will roast and grind your gourmet coffees per your order, package everything together, and ship all orders to your location.
  1. 7.  Disburse orders to each fundraiser participant to be delivered to their customers.
  1. 8.  Plan your next CoffeeAM fundraiser.

What Does CoffeeAM Provide?

Promotional Flyer – Our designer will create a custom flyer featuring your coffee and tea selections as well as your logo. This print ready PDF can be sent to a local print shop or you can print in-house. It can also be shared with your participants via email for their long-distance customers or printing extras.   Order Forms – Our designer will create both a custom order form and a master order form with your coffee and tea selections and your logo. The order form is available as a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet. Print them or use them digitally, the choice is yours. Both order forms can be completed digitally which will automatically tally the orders for ease of use.   NOTE: These forms and flyers are provided as a convenience. If your organization has strict guidelines, feel free to create your own in-house documents.   Free Shipping – There is no charge for shipping on orders over $100. This applies to orders shipped within the Continental US, only.

Who Can Benefit From Selling CoffeeAM Gourmet Coffees?

Any group raising money for a cause can sell our freshly roasted coffee. Some of these groups include charities; social clubs; political groups; school groups (elementary and middle schools; bands/orchestras/choral groups; sports teams; extra-curricular clubs); alumni groups… the list is endless.     For more information or to plan your fundraiser, give us a call at 1.800.803.7774 or send us an email at We look forward to working with you to meet your fundraising goals.
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