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Nitro Coffee - The Hottest Trend In Cold Coffee

A couple of months ago we talked about cold brew coffee and how it is different from iced coffee. This week we are going to look at another new trend in the coffee world – nitro coffee.    

What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee starts with cold brew coffee. Once the coffee has been brewed, it is transferred to a device, usually a keg with a tap and a nitrogen line, for dispensing. The nitrogen—a colorless, odorless, flavorless gas—helps to dispense the coffee while infusing it with the millions of tiny bubbles that make the extra creamy foam head (yes, like a Guinness Stout) and the silky mouthfeel.  

What Does Nitro Coffee Taste Like?

What your nitro coffee tastes like ultimately depends on the base coffee that is used. Because it is cold brewed it will likely be smooth and lack acidity. It may be somewhat strong as well. Once the nitrogen is infused into the coffee, it will give it a slightly sweet taste, even without adding sugar. How is this possible? The little bubbles cause the coffee to hit your taste buds differently which tricks you into thinking it’s sweet.  

Is Nitro Coffee Healthy?

As with anything, there are those who say nitro coffee is healthy and good for you and others who don’t quite agree. The first point is the sweetness. Because nitro coffee tends to taste sweeter (see the previous paragraph) you don’t need to add sugar which lowers the calories. The next point is acidity. Because the coffee is cold brewed, it is less acidic, to begin with, and may be easier on your stomach.  

Where Can You Get Nitro Coffee?

Nitro coffee is very trendy at the moment. Many coffee shops are offering it on their menus. Depending on your fitness center, you might even find nitro coffee there… especially in yoga and Pilates studios. There are also grab and go nitro coffees available in bottles and cans. Nitro coffee is even something you can make in the comfort of your own home.  

How Can You Make Your Own Nitro Coffee?

To make your own nitro coffee at home you will need a few things. Making the cold brew is first on the list and you can use any pitcher, your favorite coffee grounds, and space in your refrigerator for this step. For the nitro part, it is best if you have a nitro keg. These can be purchased online and run from a couple hundred dollars up into the thousands. Theoretically, you could use a Whip-It! cream dispenser to make your nitro, but you are extremely limited by the small amount of coffee you can dispense. It also would not be very cost effective since the N2O charger would be depleted after one use.  

How About You?

Have you tried nitro coffee yet? What did you think about it? If you haven’t tried it, would you be willing to? And finally, would you make your own nitro coffee at home? Let us know in the comments!
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