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NEW Direct Trade Organic from Bolivia

Say hello to our newest organic coffee, our Direct Trade Organic Bolivia Caranavi.

Direct Trade Organic Bolivia

Grown high on the western slopes of the Andes Mountains in the Yungas region of Bolivia near La Paz, this wet processed bean is 100% pure arabica typica. The forty families who work on twelve farms in the region have developed their organic coffee growing to include soil analysis and chemical free pesticides, fertilizers, and compost.

Direct Trade Organic Bolivia

With modernized growing methods like nurseries and green houses, soil preparation, care for seeds, and new coffee trees, the farmers are seeing improved harvests and better quality yields. The coffee is harvested September through November. It is then processed using the washing method which uses water to remove the skin and pulp. The beans are then separated with ripe beans sinking to the bottom of the washing vats and unripe beans floating and removed.

Direct Trade Organic Bolivia

Once the beans are sorted by size, they are then sent to fermentation tanks to remove the pulp, called the mucilage, which remains on the beans. The beans are then finally sent through water channels to rinse off any pulp that is left before going to the drying beds. These beans are then dried on raised beds set up under the sun. They are raked to ensure the beans dry evenly and completely. They are then milled, packaged, and shipped to our facility.

Organic and Direct Trade, this coffee is lightly roasted and has mouthwatering aromas of chocolate which carry over to the flavor. Bright notes of citrus lead to a heavily sweet caramel finish.

Our Direct Trade Organic Bolivia Caranavi is now available here.

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