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New Brews For Your Cup

Looking for something new in your coffee cup? How about new crops of some of your old favorites? Recently arrived at our roasting facility are the newest harvest of a few of our best-selling coffees. Check out these delicious brews.   new coffee  

Organic Bolivia ‘Colonial Caranavi’ Fair-Trade

This coffee is so popular we sell out every year. It is currently in stock with a new crop. This lightly roasted bean is grown high in the mountains at around 5,800 feet. It is called Colonial Caranavi because the native farmers are known as Colonials. The 41 farmers who tend their crops are constantly working to improve the quality of their coffees as well as their farming practices.   The crops are organic, meaning there are no harmful pesticides or other chemicals used in the farming of the plants. The farmers hand-harvest and dry the beans on raised bed patios which are consistently raked to ensure the beans are evenly dried. Fair-Trade certified means the farmers and their communities benefit directly from the production of their coffee.   With a heavy body, low acidity, and a smooth, clean finish, this coffee really satisfies. Colonial Caranavi is grown near fruit trees like lemon and orange which impart a slight citrusy flavor to the coffee. In addition, notes of buttery nuts, rich chocolate, and touch of mild spice can be found.  

Organic Bali Blue Moon

Just recently back in stock, this organic coffee is one of our most popular. Shade grown on the Indonesian island of Bali where farmers are not permitted to use pesticides and all fertilizers are 100% organic, you know this bean is completely free from all harmful chemicals. In addition, this delicious coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified so a purchase of our Bali Blue Moon supports the conservation of our rainforests.   We medium-light roast this bean to enhance the mouthwatering notes of creamy chocolate, rich vanilla, and sweet syrup. Smooth and full-flavored you’ll enjoy this coffee morning, noon, or night.  

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Not only do we have a new crop of our Grade 1 certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, we also have it at a new low price! Known around the world as one of the best gourmet coffees, this exceptional bean is incomparable. Stringent regulations make this one of the most sought-after and exceptional coffees.   Grown high in the Jamaican mountains at elevations of 5,000 feet, the cool breezes and warm sun combine to make a coffee that is highly in demand. Full-bodied and well-balanced, JBM is extraordinarily smooth with a subtle acidity. The rich taste features signature hints of chocolate and zero bitterness. We lightly roast our Jamaica Blue Mountain to highlight its delicate flavor. Treat yourself today.  

Hawaiian Kona ‘Volcanic Estate’

Hawaii is the only state in the entire US with the climate to grow coffee and they use that to its fullest extent. Hawaiian Kona is highly prized throughout the world due to its smoothness and delicious flavor.   This Kona is grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa, a volcano found in the western district of the Big Island, at an elevation between 800 and 2,500 feet. Producing 2,000 pounds per acre, Kona is the highest yielding varietal of arabica bean coffees with most others averaging 500 to 800 pounds per acre. The rich volcanic soil, ocean breezes, tropical sunlight, shade, rain, and humidity combine to produce and exceptional coffee   Smooth with a light acidity, we medium roast these beans to highlight the chocolate and fruity undertones in this bright and flavorful medium-bodied brew.  

Flavored Coffee

Don’t worry if you prefer flavored coffee over single-origin coffees. We have new options here as well. Our newest flavors include Birthday Cake and Bourbon Whiskey. Both of these unique flavors are available in both regular and decaf like the rest of our flavored coffees.   Birthday Cake is a confection of rich vanilla and sweet buttercream that is absolutely delicious. Add a little sugar and milk to this coffee to truly enhance the flavors. Bourbon Whiskey is flavored just like the iconic American distilled spirit. Enjoy flavors of rich vanilla, creamy caramel, and just a hint of charred oak. Get the party started with either of these flavors.   Let us know which of these new brews you enjoy the most!
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