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Most Unusual Coffee Flavors

Coffee is an incredible beverage. Not only does it taste great, it can actually help boost your metabolism, heart rate and energy. As coffee continues to gain popularity all over the world, manufacturers have begun to infuse coffee with new and exotic flavors.   No longer do we just have to settle for plain-old black arabica beans. Now we can choose from french vanilla to mocha, but there are some really interesting flavors out there as well. Take a look at the most unusual coffee flavors.  
  1. Spicy Taco Flavored Coffee
  Coffee has become the substitute for breakfasts for some people in certain situations, so why not allow coffee to take over another meal? Spicy taco-flavored coffee features a blend of Mexican taco spices. Apparently, it’s supposed to be super fresh.  
  1. Jack Daniel’s Coffee
  While this coffee contains no booze, it does taste like that one night you woke up in the yard without any pants. So, you get the taste of JD, the benefits of coffee, and get to keep your pants and memory intact. The best part is that you don’t necessarily have to use this flavored coffee to cure a hangover even if it reminds you of one.  
  1. Chipotle-Flavored Coffee
  Because chipotle makes a delicious sandwich spread, why wouldn’t you put it in your coffee cup? Don’t forget to dip your bread in this coffee to imagine yourself in a cute cafe half a world away. Rather than spread chipotle mayo on your sandwich, just drink this flavored coffee instead.  
  1. Absinthe Coffee
  Absinthe-flavored coffee is like a fine wine. There are so many layers and notes to it, this complicated coffee doesn’t taste the same way twice. This coffee embodies the taste of fennel, wormwood, licorice, and anise, which sounds more like a potion from Harry Potter. Still, it would be interesting to give this herbal coffee a try.  
  1. Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
  This flavor is genius. Bacon is the perfect breakfast food, so it belongs with your coffee. Furthermore, it won’t have the cholesterol that bacon is known for.  
  1. Marley Coffee
  Yes we are referring to that Marley. Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, created this collection of coffees with names such as Buffalo Soldier, One Love, and Lively Up.  
  1. Whiskey Barrel Coffee
  Similar to the Jack Daniel’s coffee, this coffee taste like whiskey and coffee. The beans are aged in authentic bourbon barrels. Then experts roast them in vintage European air roasters in Colorado. The packing is unusual, too, as this coffee comes in beautiful bottles with a hand-dipped  wax seal.   See what coffees we have in store for you today!
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