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Making Plans for a Summer Getaway? Don't Forget Your Coffee Fix

How you hit the road or the trails can determine how you get your coffee fix. Let's take a look at your choices for the best cup of coffee on the go.

coffee on the go

Day Tripping

So, you just want to play tourist in your own area for a day? Sweet! If you're taking a day trip somewhere local, you know, within a couple of hours from home, getting your coffee is pretty easy. Just make it like you normally do at home and pour it into a thermos. If you like lighteners and sweeteners, go ahead and add them right to your coffee in the thermos. If you're sightseeing with a friend and you each like your coffee a different way, bring the coffee black and carry a small container of each of your favorite milk or milk substitutes and sweeteners. And don't forget the cups!

Weekend Getaway

If you're running away for the weekend, bring your coffee along with you. Check to see if the hotel where you're staying has a coffeemaker. If so, you just need to bring your coffee, sweetener(s), and lightener(s) of choice. Go ahead and pack mugs - coffee is much better out of your mug than out of a styrofoam or cardboard cup. And if the hotel doesn't have a coffeemaker, bring along your French press or pour-over for a small footprint and easy way to have your favorite coffee on the go.

And, if you're staying in an Airbnb you will likely already have access to a coffeemaker of some kind and possibly even some basic brand of coffee and maybe some non-dairy creamer and sugar. That might be okay for some, but why not really enjoy your coffee? At least bring along your favorite ground coffee. Since you'll likely have a kitchen, stop off and grab your lightener.

Roughing It

Are you heading out into the wilderness? Roughing it can really help you to appreciate the finer things in life. Whether you're camping at an established campground or through-hiking one of the many hiking trails found around our country, having that first cup in the morning is essential to your day.

Staying at a campsite with access to a camping percolator and a firepit means starting your day with a rustic cup of joe. There's something relaxing about watching the flames while your coffee is bubbling away in your tin coffee pot. And with a beautiful view around you, there's no better way to greet your morning. If you're planning a trip a tad deeper into the wilderness, investing in something small and lightweight to get your coffee fix might be the better way to go. Think something like the Aeropress for brewing your morning cup.

Check Out the Local Flavor

If making your own coffee while on the go just isn't something you feel like doing on vacation, no worries! There is absolutely nothing wrong with hitting up the local coffee shop. You might even ask the barista where to see the best sights! Getting a taste of the local flavor is what vacationing is all about, isn't it?

What's your favorite way to vacation and how do you get your coffee on the go?

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