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Make Your Single-Serve Coffee Taste Better

Do you enjoy the ease and speed of single-serve coffee in the morning but are disappointed in the taste? Here are some ideas for how to get the most out of that one-touch coffee maker. 

single-serve coffee pods

Clean it up

Before you brew your next cup, clean your single-serve coffee maker thoroughly. Take apart the entire unit including the water reservoir and the pod holder. Descale the unit and carefully clean out all the areas that coffee flows through including the needle (be careful!). Click here for more information on cleaning your machine.

Heat it up

Ensuring your water is hot enough to extract the coffee flavors is important. Try heating up the water in your coffee maker by running a cycle. Prior to the first cup of the day, run a cycle without a coffee pod to warm it up.

Use less

When brewing your coffee, choose a lower cup size to use less water. Using less water means more flavor from the coffee pod. Expert tip: open up one of your coffee pods and weigh the coffee in grams. Multiply that number by 16 which is the amount of coffee in the golden brewing ratio of 1:16. Divide the subsequent number by 29.5 to determine how many ounces of water is ideal for that particular coffee pod.

Get bold

To get more flavor, try using a darker roast coffee. The lighter the roast, the more watered down your coffee can taste. Use a medium-dark or dark roast to boost the flavor in your cup.

Use your own

The next time you brew your coffee, use your own coffee grounds in a reusable cup. This way, you can enjoy your favorite coffee and control the amount of coffee grounds used.

Use ours

For the freshest single-use coffee pods, try our CoffeeAM pods. Filled on-site with our freshly roasted coffee. You can't get fresher single-serve coffee than that. With over a dozen choices there are flavor profiles for everyone's taste. Our coffee pods are designed differently to hold more coffee than other coffee pods. This ensures your single-serve coffee is richer and more flavorful.

Now you know how to make your single-use coffee taste better, enjoy your mornings more while getting out the door fast.

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