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Looking for a Halloween Costume? Love Coffee? We've Got Some Ideas

You have a week to get your costume together for Halloween. If you're a coffee lover, we've got some ideas for you!

dinosaur costume with coffee

You can always buy your coffee-inspired costume. Spirit Halloween shops, Party City, Walmart Target, and even Etsy. They each have coffee barista and coffee cup costumes you could buy. OR, you could get creative and make your own costumes.


Making a barista costume is fairly easy. Find or buy an apron. Any color will do, but black and beige are the best. If you want to be a barista from that well-known coffee shop, you'll need a green apron. Add a logo by If you're crafty enough, you can always paint a logo on your apron, if not or you don't have the time, simply print one on your home printer, cut it out, and pin it to your apron. Next, grab a coffee pot, a coffee cup, or both, and off you go.

Coffee Cup

Use a round, collapsible laundry basket and cut the bottom out of it. Paint your design or print one and attach it to the laundry basket. Make a handle with material that matches the basket by cutting a couple of strips a few inches wide in a handle shape. Put the right sides together and stitch around three sides. Turn the handle right-side-out, stuff with tissue paper or batting, and stitch onto the laundry basket. Using the same material, cut two strips to stitch onto the basket as shoulder straps.

To-Go Cup

Make a to-go coffee cup by using a round garbage can with a lid. Begin by cutting the bottom out of the garbage can. Paint your logo or print it out and attach it to the garbage can. Use wide elastic and staple two strips to the garbage can as suspenders to hold the can on. Add a couple of straps to the underside of the lid and wear it as the cup lid.

To-Go Cup 2

Another option for your to-go coffee cup is to use a hula-hoop or a large crafting hoop, a sheet, and some foam board. Attach a sheet to the hula-hoop by folding it over and hot gluing it in place. If using a crafting hoop, take the two pieces apart, drape the sheet between the parts, and put the pieces back together. Add a logo to the cup like in the other versions by either painting it directly on the sheet or printing and attaching it. Cut the foam board to fit inside the hoop and hot glue it into place. Cut a hole in the foam board so you can fit it over your head and rest it on your shoulders.


Make a Chemex costume by wearing black pants and a white top then wrapping a stiff piece of clear plastic around your waist. Cut the plastic so it hits just above the knee. Then, take a piece of cardboard, wrap it around the top of the plastic and tie it on with a strap of faux leather. To make it look more authentic, add a bead to the strap.

Moka Pot

If you're really crafty and have extra time, make a Moka pot costume with cardboard, heavy-duty aluminum foil, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a black beanie. Start by making a Moka pot shape with the cardboard by creating two cones and stacking them with the small sides together. Cover the Moka pot with aluminum foil. Wear a black shirt and beanie. Crook one arm like the handle of the Moka pot.

Coffee Zombie

Add a fun twist to your zombie costume with an empty cup or pot of coffee. Tell everyone you're a zombie when you don't get your coffee.

Pro tip: When printing your designs, use sticker paper or iron-on transfers.

Which is your favorite? What did we leave out? Share your coffee costumes on our Facebook page.

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