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Latte vs. Decaf: What Does Your Choice of Coffee Say About You?

Every coffee drinker has his or her go-to coffee - black, mocha, cappuccino, latte, and more. The options are essentially endless, but did you know that your choice of drink can reveal aspects of your personality? While you may think nothing of this, science has revealed that there is indeed a link between the type of coffee you drink and certain personality traits. So with your daily cup of coffee, you may actually discover a thing or two about yourself. Research conducted by a clinical psychologist examined one thousand coffee drinkers to determine correlation between your coffee selection and your personality. Each participant's choice of coffee was recorded, and they were then presented with everyday scenarios, such as waiting in a long line, planning a party, etc. Participants were then given choices about how they would approach those different situations, and common personality traits, such as patience, introversion and extroversion, sensitivity, and more were examined. At the end of the experiment, each coffee-drinking group seemed to share similar qualities. Here were just some of the results:

Latte Drinkers (adding milk, cream, and sugar):

Latte drinkers were found to generally be people pleasers and comfort seekers. They are also helpful, and generous with their time. They avoid confrontation, and go out of their way to help others. In addition, latte lovers are very straightforward, wearing their emotions on their sleeves. However, they can be overly helpful to the point where they forget to take care of themselves.

Decaf Drinkers:

Decaf coffee drinkers seem to have a much more volatile personality than latte drinkers. Decaf-ers like to be in control, and consequently can be a little selfish. They are perfectionists, which tends to make them obsessive. Unlike latte drinkers, they are more concerned about their own health and bodies. For this reason, they make healthy choices. Since being in control is a priority, they are overly focused on rules and maintaining order. With this constant need for rigidity, decaf drinkers are frequently worriers.

Besides being healthy and rejuvenating, it may be hard to believe that the coffee that you drink each and everyday illustrates your character and personality.
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