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Kenya AA Coffee

When you think of Kenya, you undoubtedly imagine an African safari full of giraffes, zebras, lions, and more.  You think of the exotic, the wild, the beautiful.  And while Kenya has rightly earned a reputation for this, the country has so much more to offer. In the south-central highlands of the country, coffee beans have grown naturally for over a hundred years.  Coffee originated in neighboring Ethiopia, but the beans did not spread into Kenya until the late 1800s.  However,  from Kisii to Nakuru, coffee is a major part of the modern Kenyan economy. Kenya's highlight is obviously Kenya AA coffee.  Considered by many to be among the best Arabica coffee beans in the world, Kenya AA is rich and full-bodied.  It's a perfect compliment to any morning. One of our customers, Dave, candidly put it like this: "I will simply describe it as really, really good coffee. I'm not one of those who describes coffee (or wine, or anything else) in terms of other foods. I don't care a whit about "subtle hints" of this fruit or that nut or some chocolate or spice if I wanted to taste fruits, nuts or chocolate, I'd just eat fruits, nuts or chocolate, rather than trying to fool myself into thinking I was tasting them in my coffee.  This is exceptional coffee that tastes like exceptional coffee. Get some. You'll like it." Need more convincing?  A pound of Kenya AA from CoffeeAM is only $12.95.  You can't beat that price for an exception coffee.  Try Kenya AA today!
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