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Just In Time For New Year's Resolutions, It's Hot Tea Month!

January is National Hot Tea Month. What a perfect time of year for it – during the doldrums after the festive holidays. The weather is dreary and cold and we’re looking for ways to perk up our days and ourselves. Tea is the perfect choice.
Hot Tea Month
Depending on what you want from your tea will determine which type of tea you will choose. Not only is tea good for waking you up in the morning, it also has potential health benefits, and different teas bring different benefits. Tea is considered beneficial for people suffering everything from skin afflictions to cancer. Let’s take a look at this helpful beverage.  

Tea Types

We talked about the different types of teas in our Gourmet Tea post not too long ago, so we’ll just review a little.   Black – Called black by Westerners due to the color of the oxidized and fermented leaves, and red by Easterners due to the color of the liquid it produces. Believed to have health benefits due to antioxidants. Some proposed benefits are a reduction in cardiovascular disease, intestinal health, relief of asthma, reduction of cholesterol, and more.   Green – From the same plants as black tea, green tea is not fermented but steamed and dried or fire roasted. It also has perceived health benefits including a reduction in strokes, a reduction in cholesterol, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, weight loss, and more.   White – White tea receives the least amount of processing. Like its black and green relatives, white tea also has potential health benefits. It has antioxidants which could help prevent cancer and heart disease, anti-aging possibilities, anti-inflammation qualities, and more.   Oolong – Falling squarely between black and white teas, oolong is semi-oxidized and is complex like black tea while being bright and fresh like green tea. The possible health benefits of this tea follow along the same path as the previous teas but also has been associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, dental health, stronger bones, and more.   Herbal/Tisanes – Most herbal teas and tisanes don’t have actual tea in them. They are made from herbs, spices, fruits, and other plants. Many of these may also have beneficial properties with the herbs used helping with issues like sleeplessness (chamomile), stomach aches (ginger and peppermint), and others.  

HNY2 (Happy New Year = Healthy New You)

With your New Year’s resolutions hanging in the balance, maybe tea will help you stay on track. With all the talk of the health benefits of tea, it is no surprise that tea research trends show a spike every January. Over the past five years, interest in tea has steadily increased, and you can see clear spikes at the beginning of each year.   Google Trends Graph     People are looking for ways to get healthy, and tea is, by far, considered one of the healthier alternatives out there. At CoffeeAM, we carry a wide variety of gourmet teas with all the types listed above found in our loose-leaf tea section. We also carry Tazo® teas if tea bags are more your style. In addition to our plain teas, we have a wide variety of flavored teas and herbal tisanes to choose from.   Whether you’re looking for a boost to your health, a way to stay on track with your resolutions, or you just love tea, we’re here for you. Check out our selection and find your new favorite today!
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