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It's Graduation Season - What to Get the Grads?

As the beginning of Summer nears, the end of an era brings big changes for a number of our youth and it all starts with… GRADUATION!

graduation coffee

It is unlikely that college graduates are not already big fans of a strong pot of coffee. Coffee is often one of the main study tools college students use to get through long study sessions, make it to class after a late night, and to keep awake and alert during those long lectures.

But all the studying is done and the exams are passed, commencement exercises are the last tradition marking the line between the student and the “real world”. As a young adult, forging their way through the myriad of decisions they must now make, send them along their way with that one tool that helped them through all those classes. Coffee!

Introduce your graduate to how coffee should taste. Show them the difference in our freshly roasted coffee. It’s a perfect gift for the student who is moving on to their new life. Show them that coffee doesn’t only need to serve a purpose, that it can be a delicious beverage to enjoy. But what should you give them?

Home French Press Kit

Your graduate can learn the delight of French Press coffee with our Home French Press Kit. This gift set comes with two half-pound bags of coffee chosen by our Roastmaster and roasted to order. With this, we include three sample sized bottles of Monin Gourmet Flavorings, a Bodum French press, and a recipe booklet. All this presented in a gift box ready to give.

Bodum Pourover Coffee Kit

This kit is the ultimate in coffee gifts. Our Bodum Pourover Coffee Kit has half-pound bags of four of our finest coffees, three random sample sized bottles of Monin Gourmet Flavorings, a Bodum pourover coffee maker, a Friis coffee vault, a CoffeeAM logo coffee mug, and instructions and recipes, your graduate has everything they need to make mouthwatering coffee any time of day. This gift is ready to give in a gift box presentation.

1/2 lb Costa Rica Reserve
Available in both regular and decaf, our Costa Rica Reserve is rich with delightful chocolaty-caramel notes everyone loves.

1/2 lb Tanzania Peaberry
Light and lively, our Tanzania Peaberry is the perfect choice for meeting the morning head-on.

1/2 lb Brazil Cerrado
Smooth, clean, and balanced, Brazil Cerrado is great any time of day.

1/2 lb Java ‘Dutch Estate’
Exquisitely balanced with low acidity and a satisfyingly heavy body, our Java ‘Dutch Estate’ is a favorite go-to.

Electric Kettles

Help them make their French press and pourover coffee even easier in the morning with one of our electric kettles. Water can be ready to go in just a couple of minutes. Just fill, plug it in, and they’ll have boiling water in no time. Much faster than on the stovetop!

Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle
At 17 ounces, this water kettle makes enough water for several cups of coffee. It would work perfectly with either our Home French Press Kit or our Bodum Pourover Coffee Kit.

Bodum IBIS Cordless Electric Water Kettle
This kettle boils an impressive 50 ounces of water in five minutes. Coffee, oatmeal, hot chocolate, tea… this kettle can handle it all and without that pesky cord!

Capresso Electric Water Kettle
Beauty and function work together with this 48-ounce cordless glass kettle.

Deluxe Gourmet Tea Set

So, you say your graduate prefers tea over coffee? Well, we have something for them as well! Our Deluxe Gourmet Tea Set includes a Bistro electric water kettle, an Assam two-cup teapot, five quarter-pound bags of a wide variety of black, green, herbal, and flavored teas, and a CoffeeAM logo mug. This gift is ready to go, presented in a gift box.

1/4 lb Darjeeling Tea
Lively and light with a wine-like flavor, our Darjeeling Tea is great for sipping while reading a book or waking you up to rush out the door.

1/4 lb Jasmine with Flowers
This green tea is flowery and bright with a bouquet you’ll enjoy. Great on its own or try it with dinner.

1/4 lb Masala Chai
Spicy and energetic, our Masala Chai is best as a latte. Add some sugar and you have the perfect morning fog lifter.

1/4 lb Angel Falls Mist
This caffeine-free brightener is delightful hot and even better (if you can believe it) over ice! Hibiscus leaves, rosehips, lemon, and strawberry mingle to give you a tasty treat.

1/4 lb Chamomile
Relax and rejuvenate with a delicious cup of chamomile tea. Perfect for sipping away the stress of the day. And without any caffeine, it’s a great choice for bedtime rituals.

Don’t Forget Those High School Graduates!

Heading off to college can be a daunting event for students and parents. Choose one of these coffee gift sets and enroll your student in one of our Coffee Clubs! Your student will be set to take on new experiences every day with a hot cup of love from home.

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