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It's Coffee Season Time to Stock Up

The cooler weather is finally on us and the holiday season is right around the corner. Beginning with Halloween and going through the New Year is the busiest time of year. Did you know coffee (and tea) can keep you going through the "most wonderful time of the year" in more ways than one?   Coffee Shopping  


Of course, you can drink coffee to get you going and keep you going. We all love our first cup of the day and that mid-afternoon coffee break is sometimes the only thing that ensures our late day work gets done. During the holidays coffee is essential with all the shopping, cleaning, and decorating as well as the extra hours it takes to complete those tasks.   Make sure you're stocked up on your favorite coffees to fuel the long days ahead. Whether you prefer single-origin, organics, fair-trade, decaf, or flavored coffees there is plenty at CoffeeAM to choose from. For the biggest caffeine kick, be sure to go for the lighter roasts since the darker the roast the more caffeine is lost. If you prefer tea, we have black, green, white, decaf, herbal, and tisanes.  


There's no getting around the fact that the holidays bring out the invitations and the desire to get together with friends and loved ones. Coffee is ideal when it comes to entertaining. Here are just a few ideas for employing coffee for all those gatherings.   -- So, it's your turn to host the next family shindig? Consider an afternoon coffee rather than an evening dinner. This allows the atmosphere to be more casual, the food to be more simple, and gives you the evening to recuperate. Have a number of coffees and teas on hand to cater to as many different tastes as you can. Depending on how elaborate you want to make your coffee choices, you can also include flavoring syrups like Monin, DaVinci, or Dolce along with whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, and even sprinkles!   -- Maybe you're off the hook for hosting this year but you should still be prepared for attending social engagements with a host(ess) gift. A simple bag of coffee is fine, but consider one of the coffee and/or tea gift samplers at CoffeeAM as a thank you to the person who did pull entertainment duty this year.   -- Instead of one person doing all the work, suggest a pot-luck this year. One person provides the location and everyone brings a dish or plates or drinks. You offer to bring the coffee! Consider a sampler like the Something For Everyone Sampler for this occasion. Just don't forget to bring your modifiers. Include milk, cream, sugar, and sugar substitutes at the very least. If you want to go all out, come up with a coffee drink to offer in addition to plain coffee. You can find a few options here.  


Giving coffee and/or tea as a gift is easy and painless. As a consumable item and something most people use on a daily basis, coffee may actually be a no-brainer of a gift. A single bag of coffee or tea is a fine gift. With bag personalization at CoffeeAM, you can put the recipient's name on the bag for that extra bit of a "Wow factor." With the large variety of coffees with their varying taste profiles, there is plenty to choose from.   If you want to give something a little more substantial than a single bag, our wide selection of gift sets and samplers are a great choice. With all price points considered, there is surely something for everyone. The Happy Hour Sampler, the Bodum Pourover Coffee Kit, or the Exclusive Coffee Collection, LTD are just a few you can choose from.   With so much to choose from, it may be a little overwhelming. Or you may not know what kind of coffee or tea your recipient would prefer. In this case, a gift card from CoffeeAM is entirely appropriate.   Teacher gifts are super simple with coffee and tea. Send your student to the head of the class with delicious coffee like our Classiest Blend.   Though we are talking about the holidays, this isn't the only time a coffee or tea gift set or sampler would be appropriate. Think birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and even housewarmings!  


The first coffee holiday is right around the corner. Yes, Halloween can be a fun opportunity for coffee. With our Halloween sampler set, you can send a care package to your favorite college student or treat yourself and your coworkers with trick-or-treat worthy flavors like Franken Fudge, Witches Brew, and Mummy Mudslide. Purchase them separately or get the entire set! Cute theme design makes this a great idea for that adult candy bag.   You might not think of Veterans' Day as gift-giving holiday, but it is a chance to recognize the veterans in your life. Our Veterans' Day coffees are labeled to honor those who have served our country. Our Patriotic Flavored Coffee Gift Set has three delicious, best-selling flavored coffees, Raspberry Cream, Blueberry Cream, and Coconut Cream.   Thanksgiving is made for coffee. Thank your hostess while fighting the lull of tryptophan after a big turkey meal with any number of CoffeeAM coffees. Our Fall trending choices can help.   Christmas and Hannukah come sooner than you think (and that seems to be faster and faster each year!). Get your shopping done now and schedule your coffee to deliver in time to open for the holidays.   Watch your CoffeeAM newsletter for announcements and opportunities to save a little green. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter there's no time like now! We even have a gift for new subscribers. Head over to our homepage, scroll to the bottom of the page, and join us!
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