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Is Micro-Lot Coffee Better?

This week we continue to break down the descriptors used for coffees these days. Last week we looked at what Fair-Trade coffee is. This week we’ll take a look at micro-lot coffee.   micro-lot coffee farm sunset  

What Does Micro-Lot Mean?

A micro-lot is a very small amount of coffee, up to 100 bags but usually around 50, that is set aside from other coffees due to its high cupping score. Though micro-lots can come from a single farmer, they are more likely to be the top beans from a cooperative or maybe a coffee estate. Rather than mixing these beans in with the rest of those grown in the cooperative or the area, these beans are set aside and sold separately.   Micro-lot coffee is NOT just a small amount of beans or a portion of a larger lot split out. Micro-lots go through a rigorous evaluation and is determined to be worthy of micro-lot status by the buyer and/or the grower.  

What’s So Special About A Micro-Lot?

That’s a great question. Each micro-lot is chosen for its own unique characteristics. What makes one special is not what makes another special. Are these beans better than the regular larger lots? No, not at all. There is just something about them that is a little different. It might be a flavor profile, an aroma, or the acidity.  

Does CoffeeAM Carry Micro-Lots?

We do! The micro-lot coffees at CoffeeAM are also Direct Trade. Rather than risking these beans being mixed in with the rest of the beans from the region, our micro-lot coffees are kept separated and sold directly. Here are our micro-lots and a little information about them.   El Salvador Finca Montes Urales This micro-lot is grown high in the mountains of El Salvador on a family farm. The beans are hand-harvested, washed, and dried on raised beds in the sun. Here are the specifics:  
  • Location: Apaneca, Ahuachapan, El Salvador
  • Elevation: 4,200 feet to 5,000 feet above sea level
  • Family: Magana-Menendez
  Fruity and full-flavored this delicious coffee is full-flavored with notes of cherry and raspberry along with sweet brown sugar and a richly smooth chocolate finish.   Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Grown in the same soil conditions as Jamaica Blue Mountain, this micro-lot Haitian Blue Mountain is grown organically in the mountain of Haiti’s Nord region. The specifics for this coffee:  
  • Location: Haiti, Nord region
  • Elevation: 4,000 feet above sea level
  • Family: Multiple 2-acre family farms
  Smooth and sweet like its Jamaican counterpart, this Haitian Blue Mountain presents with the same low acidity and high-profile flavor—rich, silky chocolate with low acidity and zero bitterness.   Let us know, would you try a micro-lot coffee?
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