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In Praise of the Coffee Roaster

They wake up to darkness outside.  As they're driving to work, they pass only a couple of cars driving in the early morning glow.  By the time they arrive to the CoffeeAM warehouse, the sun has yet to rise. While you're hitting snooze again and wishing you could stay in bed, the CoffeeAM Coffee Roasters are already hard at work, processing orders from the previous evening and getting the roasters ready to go.  By the time you arrive at your job, they've been going at it for a couple of hours.  They work hard, roasting the coffee beans, packaging them for each order, and getting them ready for shipment as soon as possible. Without them, you can't have your coffee freshly roasted so it's shipped quickly.  It would never arrive at your door with the warm coffee aroma arising from the bags.  You wouldn't have that smile on your face as you take the first sip of the morning and get ready to start your day. The CoffeeAM Coffee Roasters are what keep this business running.  They're what make the joy of coffee worthwhile.  Their hard work and commitment to producing the best coffee for every customer is what drives our success.  Although they work for CoffeeAM, ultimately, they work for you! So give a hearty "Thank You" to the guys who make your coffee possible: the Coffee Roasters!  
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