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How to Survive Black Friday

This Friday is the official start to the holiday shopping season. Love it or hate it, Black Friday is the day most of us look forward to when thinking about our Christmas shopping lists. Most retailers advertise their deepest discounts on a small number of popular items to get customers in the door then have even deeper discounts on products that are more utilitarian or even frivolous.     For some, Black Friday is all about getting the best deal. People will stand in line for hours so they can be among the first in a store and ensure they receive one of the few big-ticket items at a ridiculously low price. Recently, many stores have chosen to either open late on Thanksgiving or not even close the store for the day making Black Friday seep into Thursday.   Here are a few ways you can survive Black Friday this year.  

Check the Store Flyers

If you have chosen to participate in Black Friday by heading out into the fray, make sure you plan ahead. Check the store flyers to find out when the store opens and when the sale items will be available. Most stores will only have a limited number of sale items and the discount is for an extremely limited amount of time.   Once you have the store flyers and have determined which sales you want to take advantage of, figure out what time you need to arrive at the store. Remember, you won’t be the only shopper hoping for one of these deals. Be prepared to stand in long lines and to give up some of your family time at Thanksgiving.  

Check the Weather

Once you check the flyers and know which store you are going to shop and what time you need to be there, make sure you check the weather. If you will be standing outside waiting for a store to open, you will want to be prepared for the cold, the rain, the snow, or any other weather conditions that are present.  

Dress Appropriately

Layers are your friend when it comes to dressing appropriately for Black Friday. Even if you consider the difference in temperature between being outside and being inside, having layers you can peel off once you get inside will be a lifesaver. And if it’s raining or snowing, be sure to have a waterproof outer layer.   Remember your feet! You might think dressing in a cute outfit for holiday shopping is the way to go, but you will likely be on your feet for a long time. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes also appropriate for the weather.  

Take Care of Yourself

If you’re going to be out in the Black Friday shopping crowds, make sure you prepare your body. The day will be long, especially if you start the night before. Make sure you get plenty of rest, take your vitamins, and drink plenty of water. You may even want to bring water and a snack with you.  

Bring Your Patience

You will likely be shopping with hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of your fellow holiday deal hunters. Make sure to bring an extra dose of patience with you when you head out to do any Black Friday shopping. There will be people pushing and shoving at times, there will be fewer of those special items you and 20 other people want, and patience will run thin. Remember that everyone is there for the same reason, to get a great deal on a gift for a loved one. Patience and graciousness will get you further than anger and resentment.  

Consider Shopping From Home

Some stores have chosen to offer the same deals, or sometimes better deals, online. Rather than putting yourself in the uncomfortable position of dealing with the rush of the crowds and stay home. Check the websites of your favorite stores to see what time their online sales start, put on your comfy clothes, grab your favorite beverage, and warm up your credit card.  

Better Yet, Shop at CoffeeAM

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