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Have You Tried Organic Coffee? Here's Why You Should

For a while, it seemed like organic foods were a fad destined to follow big hair and popped collars. But that's not the case. If you haven't tried Organic Coffee yet, here are a few reasons why you should.

organic coffee

Organic Growing Methods

Organic coffee is all about the way it's grown. No harmful chemicals, no herbicides, no pesticides, nothing artificial is used when growing organic coffee. The health of the environment is the priority. Farmers use composting and natural fertilizers to keep the soil rich and full of nutrients. They use natural methods of pest and weed control like beneficial bugs and birds. In order to receive organic certification, the farmers must be able to document how they care for their crops.

By not using chemicals in the soil and on the coffee plants, the water quality is much better while the soil does not have large amounts of harmful ingredients that can affect the health of the local residents or the coffee.

How Organic Gardening Benefits The Coffee

By not using synthetic chemicals, the natural flavor of the coffee can shine through with no artificial flavors contaminating the taste. Organic coffee is often found hand-in-hand with fair-trade methods which allows the farmers to learn better ways to farm the land, run their business, and help their communities. The growers work hard to ensure their coffee crops are the best available.

How Organic Coffee Benefits You

Like we mentioned before, organic coffee tends to have a better flavor because it is not impaired by the absorption of synthetic chemicals. These chemicals could affect your health by damaging your organs and causing disease. Those same chemicals can also leach out the beneficial properties of coffee including the minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidant properties.

With a variety of organic coffees to choose from, you have the opportunity to try different beans to find what you prefer. If you're not quite sure where to start, try our Organic Coffee Sampler. Drink good and do good!

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