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Gourmet Flavored Coffee - How It's Made

With over a hundred different flavors and flavor combinations to choose from, let's learn more about our CoffeeAM Flavored Coffees.

flavored coffee

Some people may think that the only reason to add flavors to coffees is to mask the natural flavor of cheap beans. That couldn't be further from the truth at CoffeeAM. We use high-quality, gourmet, 100% pure arabica beans when making our flavored coffees. We medium roast the beans to ensure they are not bitter or burned, then we use gourmet flavoring oils to make the delightful flavors you've come to love.

Oils vs. Syrups

We are often asked how we flavor our flavored coffees. Many people are concerned that their favorite flavor may be adding extra calories to their day. This isn't the case at CoffeeAM. Our flavored coffees get their flavor from our high-quality, gourmet flavoring oils. No sugars or syrups are used in the flavoring process. Each of these oils is calorie- and carbohydrate-free, meaning your flavored coffee can be enjoyed without adding any extra calories.

How Many Flavors?

We have 147 different flavors and flavor combinations to choose from at CoffeeAM. Each one is roasted fresh to order, ground (or not, depending on your preference), and flavored. We never pre-roast our coffees. This ensures you receive the freshest coffee available.

But let's get back to those 147 flavors, shall we?

There are flavors for every set of taste buds out there. Sweet, savory, nutty, fruity, spicy, chocolaty... you name it, we've got it!

For traditionalists, enjoy

These popular coffee flavors are some of our best-selling brews. Tried-and-true favorites that are always a good choice.

For the trendsetters, try

Slightly off the beaten path, these flavors are fun and a little funky. Not as standard as the traditional flavored coffees but not as adventurous as others.

For the adventurers, explore

Some of these may sound surprising, but don't knock them until you try them!

For the sweet tooth

These sweet coffees are sure to quell those cravings without adding all those extra calories.

Looking for something nutty? Check out

With so many to choose from, we represent just about every nut available.

How about some guilt-free nightcaps?

Get the party started any time of day with these non-alcoholic cocktail and liqueur flavors.

We haven't gone through all of our flavored coffees with this list. As a matter of fact, we've barely scratched the surface! With our wide selection of flavors, you'll certainly find one or two you enjoy. So, let us know what your favorite flavors are.

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