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Give So Much More This Holiday With Coffees For A Cause

As the holidays approach and the year draws to a close, many people look for charities to support. If you would like to give to a great cause while giving a delicious gift to friends and family, consider one of the featured charities at CoffeeAM - Hope for the Warriors or Living Beyond Breast Cancer.   Hope for the Warriors Logo           Living Beyond Breast Cancer Logo  

Hope for the Warriors

Hope for the Warriors is a charitable organization that helps service members, their families, and the families of the fallen. They are dedicated to restoring hope, a sense of self, and the family unit to those who have served post-9/11. They provide comprehensive programs to support service members, veterans, and military families. Through transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and help navigating community resources, Hope for the Warriors believes service members and military families will be able to succeed back at home.   The programs at Hope for the Warriors are designed to provide full cycle care. These programs include:   Clinical Health and Wellness - concentrating on the physical, psychological, social, and environmental needs of the service member, their family, and the families of the fallen. This is a holistic approach centering on the person.   Transition - helping to support personal goals as well as career and educational goals of service members, veterans, and their family while transitioning to civilian life.   Community Development - working with corporate and civil leaders, schools, military agencies, and more to meet our goal of welcoming the military families back into local society.   Sports and Recreation - reintroducing service members, veterans, and their families to hobbies or sports while emphasizing organic healing, physical and psychological healing, and learning new skills with adaptive equipment.   At CoffeeAM, we have a wide range of gourmet coffees, loose-leaf teas, and gift sets to choose from which support Hope for the Warriors. For each pound of coffee purchased, $1 will be donated to this incredible cause. What’s done with that $1? The programs listed above receive 86¢ while 8¢ goes to fundraising and 6¢ goes to management. Since 2014, Hope for the Warriors has provided $800,000 in temporary financial assistance for housing, utilities, and food. Since last year they have seen an increase of 17% in the number of services provided. And there was a 63% growth in new clients from 2014 to 2016.  

Hope for the Warriors Coffees

Choose from single-origins, flavors, or decafs shipped in our patriotic packaging. You purchase single bags or one of our gift sets. For the holidays, consider our Flavored Coffee Gift Set in regular or decaf, our Grown in the USA with our popular Hawaiian coffees, or our Patriotic Trio of red, white, and blue flavored coffees.  

Hope for the Warriors Teas

Give something a little different with our Patriotic Tea Gift Set. Also in our patriotic theme, this tea gift set includes three of our customer favorites - Red Rooibos, White Pekoe, and Blue Eyes Tisane.  

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Another great cause to consider supporting during the holidays is Living Beyond Breast Cancer. This organization provides programs and services which help people whose lives have been affected by breast cancer. Their goal is to provide information, community, and support. With the potential for disinformation, they wish to make it easy to access trustworthy programs and services that are respectful of the patient and their unique situation.   More than anything, LBBC wants those they help to know they are not alone. In addition to helping those in all stages and with all types of breast cancer, they provide special programs for marginalized groups within the breast cancer family such as men, African Americans, young women, and LGBTQ. Because of their wide network of volunteers, which includes medical professionals, as well as the support of donors such as yourself, LBBC is able to provide their services at no cost. Now, that can really help set someone’s mind at ease during a difficult time in their life.   The programs provided by LBBC include monthly online webinars, national conferences, regional meetings, a toll-free helpline, and much more. Your purchase of our Living Beyond Breast Cancer coffees will help fund these programs. CoffeeAM will donate 10% of all LBBC branded coffee sales.   We offer coffee selections your loved ones will truly enjoy. From our single-origins - including our Jamaican Blue Mountain Reserve and our Organic and Fair Trade Peru - to our flavored coffees - like our Rainforest Crunch and our Highlander Grogg - we’ve got something for everyone’s taste.   So, if you’re still trying to decide on a special gift, consider making your gift one that gives twice as much with these charitable choices.
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