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Getting Your Coffee Fix While on the Go This Summer

Summer is in full swing and everyone is out there doing Summery things… vacations, heading to the beach, camping. With all this activity, it’s so much easier to just hit the dreaded over-priced cafe or settle for subpar coffee (in many cases, they’re one and the same!) But you don’t need to sacrifice your favorite coffee just because you’re not at home.

summer coffee on the go


Most hotel rooms have coffee makers these days. And some hotels even have some pretty good coffee, but not all of them. Guarantee you have delicious coffee while on vacation by bringing your favorite with you! Make sure to leave some room in one of your bags to pack your favorite CoffeeAM coffee. Because some hotel room coffee comes in prepackaged filter packs, you might want to toss a couple of filters in your bag, too. (though you could tear apart the filter pack, or even use clean tissues or napkins in a pinch).

These days, some hotels even have Keurig-type machines in their rooms. Check ahead and, for the sake of convenience, you can bring your coffee in our ready-to-go coffee pods.

Perfect for your Summer trip, our Costa Rica Reserve is rich and flavorful with a chocolaty-caramel flavor and a clean, wine-like finish.

Day Tripping

So, you’re only heading to the beach, or maybe the mountains, for the day? With a little advanced planning, you can bring your favorite coffee with you. A thermos full of freshly brewed coffee is a wonderful thing to bring along to keep your energy up for a day frolicking in the waves, splashing at the lake, or hiking in the local hills or mountains. The day (or even a couple of days) before, find your trusty thermos. Clean it well and let it sit out to dry. In the morning, brew a pot of coffee as usual. While the coffee is doing its thing, Fill the thermos with hot water. This will help keep the coffee hotter for longer.

When the coffee is done, pour out the hot water and fill the thermos with the coffee. Depending on the size of your thermos and the size of your coffee pot, you may even have enough coffee leftover for your first cup of the day! Pack your thermos along with a couple of mugs. If you’re extra ambitious, a breakfast picnic would be a delightful accompaniment with your fresh coffee.

Choose our Summer Blend for busy day trips. This hand-blended brew is perfect for lazy days by the water. The mild flavor lingers between sips for a delicious way to spend your day.


Whether roughing it, glamping, or somewhere in between, having that first cup of coffee in the fresh air of morning is a delight. Make sure that cup of coffee is super fresh by bringing along your favorite! Campfire coffee is, hands down, the best (but coffee made on the propane stove isn’t bad, either). Coffee is such an intrinsic part of camping that, these days, there are a multitude of ways to brew your morning elixir. An enamel percolator, directly over the open flame, is the most iconic way to get your coffee going. A moka pot is also a perfect choice for preparing your coffee before a big day on the go. Other options all include boiling water over the fire and then adding it to the fresh grounds. 

Though it may not be as precise as at home, the pour over method is fairly easily achieved while camping. A French press may be yet another for some camping situations. Or one of the many new coffee prep tools, like the Aeropress, might be more your style.

Don’t forget! If you’re out camping in the forest, make sure your campfire is completely out before you leave and leave your campsite cleaner than when you arrived. Pack in/pack out, leave no trace, and forest fire prevention are all up to us.

For spending your days hiking in the wilderness, our Brazil Cerrado is an ideal choice. Fresh and balanced with a smooth, clean finish, you’ll be ready to hit the trails in no time.

Keep it Chill

Another option for day trips and some camping situations, depending on where you’re headed and what the weather might be, would be to pre-make a batch of cold brew coffee. Kept on ice in a cooler, getting your caffeine while keeping your cool just got a whole lot tastier than a can of soda. Check out our Cold Brew article here for how to prepare and which coffees to try.

No matter which type of Summer vacation you’re taking, make sure you have your freshly roasted coffee pre-ground. Our drip grind is the perfect choice for a myriad of coffee prep styles. Are you headed anywhere special this Summer? How do you get your coffee fix while you’re away from home? 

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