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Frozen Summer Smoothies to Keep You Cool

The official start of Summer is right around the corner. Keep the heat at bay during these hot months with frozen concoctions made right in your very own kitchen. From fruit smoothies to frozen mochas, there are many choices to help you beat the heat. And making your favorite summertime coolers at home can help you save, too!

frozen summer smoothies

Real Fruit Smoothies

There’s nothing more refreshing than a frozen fruity libation for helping you keep your cool. Unless, of course, you’re drinking it while floating in a pool! Simple to make, especially with smoothie mixes from CoffeeAM, you’ll be quenching your thirst with ease. Whether you choose a single smoothie mix or choose to mix more than one, you will have a delicious, icy drink to cool you down.

DaVinci Smoothie Mixes

With 18 different flavors of real fruit smoothie mixes, you have quite a selection to choose from with our DaVinci smoothie mixes. Start with our antioxidant powerhouse, DaVinci Antiox A-P-B with acai, pomegranate, and blueberry. So delicious! Here in Georgia, we reach for the DaVinci Extreme Peach smoothie mix. The sweet flavor of summer-ripe peaches is a classic flavor you’ll reach for time and again.

Looking for something the kids might like? The DaVinci Extreme Apple might just be the thing. They don’t need to know it’s healthier than those sugary sodas or chemical-laden powder drinks. Take a tropical retreat in your very own backyard with our DaVinci Margarita. Fine as it is, blended with ice, make it a party with a splash of rum!

For even more tropical celebration, reach for our DaVinci Mango smoothie mix. Delightful any time of the day or night, mango is one of the world’s favorite fruits. If you’re looking for a way to stay cool while preparing for your day, try our DaVinci Sunshine Blend. It is an eye-opening blend of orange, pear, mango, and even carrots!

Maui Smoothie Mixes

In addition to our DaVinci smoothie mixes, we carry a wide variety of Maui smoothie mixes. Made with all natural ingredients, these smoothie mixes are extremely delicious. Choose a classic flavor like our Maui Banana smoothie or our Maui Raspberry smoothie or even our Maui Strawberry smoothie. Get creative and mix a couple of flavors, say banana and strawberry, for your own take on chilling out.

Coffee Slushies

You don’t have to stick with fruit smoothies to keep cool. Try a frozen coffee or hot chocolate this Summer. We even have a few frozen latte flavors for the kids (caffeine-free, of course)! There are over 50 choices of frappe mix available on our frappe page. The beautiful thing about most of these coffee-based mixes? You can have them frozen OR hot!

Reach for our Mocafe Wild Tribe Moka Frappe Mix to enjoy all the flavor of a mouthwatering, frozen coffee drink. Or for complete decadence, reach for our Ghirardelli White Mocha Frappe mix. Big Train has a plethora of coffee, chocolate, and tea mixes as well as kids’ (or those who are kids at heart) frappes like Orange Cream, Bubble Gum, and Cotton Candy. For the health conscious, Big Train has a “Fit” line. Perfect for not adding extra calories to your chill. Try Fit Espresso, Fit Mocha, and Fit Vanilla.

Syrups Go Smoothie

Did you know you can make smoothies with coffee flavorings? Well, you can! Of our three syrup brands, Monin Gourmet has the widest selection of syrups as well recipes on the back of each bottle. These recipes usually include a frozen (or at least iced) version of a drink made with that particular syrup. Find your favorite syrup flavors here to give your coffees and smoothies more flavor than you could have ever imagined.

Foolproof Smoothies

Here’s a hint for making just the right amount of smoothie to fit your glass. Pour the syrup (per instructions on packaging) into your blender. Fill your serving glass to the brim with ice and add to the blender. Blend it all up and you should have the perfect amount of smoothie to fill your glass. Add a straw and possibly a garnish, like a mint sprig, and you’re good to go. Bring on the heat!

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