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From Bean to Cup: How Does Your Coffee Grow?

Before your coffee ever made its way to your cup, even before it was brewed in your coffee pot, or you picked it up at the store, your coffee has made quite a journey. Have you ever wondered how your coffee really got its start, and how it matured into the delicious, soothing beverage that gets you through your day? Well, get ready for story time. It all begins with seeds. The seeds are planted in beds in shaded nurseries. Those seedlings are thoroughly and frequently watered and kept shaded. The sprouts start to emerge within about 60 days, and are grown until they are strong enough to be permanently planted.     Depending on the type of growing conditions, after about 3-5 years, the coffee tree produces small, white, fragrant flowers, which leave behind small, green berries. From these berries, the coffee cherries are grown. When these cherries turn bright red, it’s time to harvest. This happens usually once or twice a year, either through laborious handpicking or using machines.     Inside these cherries, are the actual coffee beans, so, lets follow where the coffee bean goes. After the harvesting process, those coffee beans are processed—meaning, extracting them from the cherries.     The extracted beans are then sorted, and cleaned, as poor quality beans are removed. This sorting process can be done individually by hand, with a conveyor belt, or with just a machine. Then coffee beans are meticulously roasted according to their character, whether it’s a dark roast, a medium roast, etc. The roasting transforms the green coffee beans into the familiar aromatic brown beans.     After the coffee beans have been roasted, they are immediately cooled. The coffee beans then go through a comprehensive quality check, before finally being packaged and shipped.     That brings us to the end of our story, where you live happily ever after with a hot cup of coffee in hand every day. If you would like to learn more about coffee, or to taste some intriguing, new flavors, then make your way over to CoffeeAM today!
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