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Freshen Up Your Coffee Experience With Syrups And Sauces

There’s nothing quite like a well-brewed cup of flavorful coffee. The enticing aroma, the warmth of the cup, that first decadent sip… face it, coffee is THE wake-you-up elixir. But sometimes you crave a different flavor with your morning reviver. Enter coffee syrups and sauces.   Syrups and Sauces  

The Business of Coffee

There are entire thriving businesses based on the different ways we each like to take our coffee. Everything from plain black to super complicated concoctions are available with options based on individual taste. Whether you prefer your coffee hot or cold or frozen, with milk or cream or soy, with sugar or sweetener or syrups, topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel or chocolate or both… truly, there is no limit other than what the coffee shop carries.  

Coffeeshop Style Drinks At Home

But did you know that, for pennies on the dollar, you can make your own coffee drinks right in the comfort of your own kitchen? It’s true! With the diversity of coffee syrups and sauces available, there is no end to the creative license you can take with your coffee routine. And with the base of one of our CoffeeAM gourmet coffees, you know your coffee drink will be the highest quality with the freshest coffee flavor.  

So Many Flavors

There are so many flavors of syrups it can be a little intimidating. Fruits, berries, spices, candies, and extracts are all represented in the various syrups that are available. Add to those organic syrups and sugar-free syrups and you can make just about anything your little heart desires.   In addition to the flavor choices, there is also a price differentiation between the syrup brands. But regardless of which line of syrups you choose, for the price of one of those high-priced lattes at the café, you can get a bottle of syrup to make yourself lots of tasty coffees, teas, steamers, and much more.  

Monin Syrups

Monin® Premium Gourmet Syrups are some of the best coffee syrups available. With classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and amaretto your morning coffee makes waking up just a little more special. Branch out into some of the new standards like cinnamon, marshmallow, and hazelnut for a more exciting cup of joe. Blueberry, cinnamon, and coconut are just a few of the unique coffee flavors that can make your coffee a truly different experience. And for even more alternatives, mix a couple of syrups, like chocolate, almond, and coconut, to make a seemingly infinite number of drink choices. Finally, Monin syrups use pure cane sugar for their regular line of syrups though they do make some of their syrups in sugar-free or organic for even more ways to enhance your coffee.  

DaVinci Syrups

The DaVinci Gourmet® line of syrups is another excellent flavor choice for your coffees. At a slightly lower price point, these syrups are a more purse-friendly option to add excitement to your coffee. There are not as many flavors to choose from, but all the classics are here as well as a few unique flavors like Chocolate Mint and Irish Cream. Like Monin, DaVinci offers Sugar-Free as well as All-Natural syrup options.  

Dolce Syrups

Dolce® Syrups have an amazing quality for the price. They are made with real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup. Their flavors include the classics with a few unique flavors added in. Dolce also has a couple of sugar-free options.  

How To Use Syrups

Using syrups is easy, I know you know that. But what if you want to use more than one syrup; how do you know how much of each syrup to use? The simple answer is to use your taste buds. Try adding a little of each flavor, maybe a tablespoon per cup, then adjust from there. Each brand includes recipes for their syrups right on the bottle label. Monin has a full website with pages and pages of recipes (including cocktails and food recipes) for anything from simple to complex drinks. Outside of coffee drinks, like Monin shows, you can use these syrups for so much more. You can add syrups to sodas, lemonades, and teas. Drizzle a syrup on your ice cream or frozen yogurt. Try a smoothie or a shake with a syrup or two. Up your cocktail game. For a caffeine-free option, milk steamers and hot cocoas flavored with a syrup is an extra special treat.  

So, What Is A Coffee Sauce?

Coffee sauces are much thicker than syrups and come in flavors like chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel. These are ideal for drizzling over whipped cream on your coffee, hot chocolate, or brownie sundae. They can also be used to make a fantastic milk drink (chocolate milk, anyone?). Many coffee drinks use both syrups and sauces for an extremely decadent drink. Most sauces also come in sugar-free versions.  

How About An Example Or Two?

Now that you know more about syrups and sauces, we’ll leave you with a couple of recipes that you can try at home.    

Salted Butterscotch Latte

Salted Butterscotch LatteIngredients 3/4 oz Monin Butterscotch Syrup 3 pinches Sea Salt 2 shots Espresso  Fill with Steamed Milk   Directions Combine ingredients, except milk, in serving cup. Stir and set aside. Steam milk in pitcher. Pour steamed milk into serving cup, stirring gently. Garnish.      

Pumpkin Pie Dirty Chai

Ingredients 3/4 oz Monin Chai Tea Concentrate 1/2 oz Monin Pumpkin Pie Syrup 2 shots Espresso  Fill with Steamed Milk     Directions Combine ingredients, except milk, in serving cup. Stir and set aside. Steam milk in pitcher. Pour steamed milk into serving cup, stirring gently. Garnish with cinnamon.  
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