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Four Unconventional Ways to Use Your Coffee Grounds

After you brew your cup of coffee each day, what do you do with the leftover coffee grounds? Naturally, you would simply throw it away and think nothing of it. Stop! Coffee grounds have so much more value in everyday use than you may expect. You may be asking yourself how! Believe it or not, coffee grounds come in handy everywhere from the garden to tidying up around the house to your personal health, and even art. Here are just a few unconventional ways in which you can make the most of your coffee grounds, and save them from going the way of the trash can.

Keep Odors At Bay

One of the best parts of drinking coffee is taking in the enchanting aroma. This may be why coffee grounds are great for taking out the stink, whether it’s in the car, in the refrigerator, in the pantry, or the closet. By simply placing a small open container of fresh coffee grounds in your car, or wherever the odors may be, those grounds will absorb and neutralize those smells. You can even eliminate pet odors in a room by heating the coffee grounds in a skillet and then placing it on a small dish in that smelly area.


Help Your Plants Grow

Looking to give your plants a little extra spurt? Used coffee grounds act as highly effective compost and fertilizer. Using them as fertilizer for your plants benefits them by adding organic material to the soil, which improves drainage, aeration, and water retention in the soil. Just work the coffee grounds into the soil around the plants.

Clean and Rejuvenate Your Face and Skin

If you feel like your skin is looking a little dry and limp, a refresher may be in order. Rubbing coffee grounds into your skin exfoliates it by removing dead skin cells and giving you smoother skin. Darker grinds of coffee can even be used to brighten up dull skin. Another advantage is that once coffee grounds are combined coconut oil and sea salt, you have a scrub to massage into your skin that tightens it, improves blood flow, and in turn, reduces cellulite.

Go Vintage 

You can turn old coffee grounds into natural dyes for fabric or paper, for a  vintage, antique look. Mix the coffee grounds into water until the mixture is liquid, then gently apply. The longer the fabric or paper is soaked in this mixture, the darker the color will be. Just be aware that with fabrics, the effect will fade when washed. That is why it is more appropriate to use on wall hangings or items that will not be washed. This is a creative effect that can be used in art projects or fashion to give a sense of history.

You may not believe that this is just scratching the surface of how coffee grounds can be used. Consider this before you carelessly toss them in the trash. Now, go out and discover even more new uses for coffee grounds. Stop by CoffeeAM today for all of your coffee needs and an array of flavors.

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