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Feature: Uganda Mount Elgon

Learn more about our newest coffee. Grown in Uganda and farmed by women, this new brew is just what you've been looking for.

picking coffee cherries

Aroma and Taste

Our new Uganda 'Mount Elgon' is a unique brew in more ways than one. The heady aroma leads to intense flavors that are sure to wake you up and get you moving every morning. Each sip brings you an earthiness tempered with fruity florals and underlying dark chocolate and caramel notes you'll savor.


You'll certainly find the smooth texture of our Uganda 'Mount Elgon' to be extremely satisfying. Each sip finishes with a clean brightness. You can enjoy this coffee on its own or paired with any meal.


These beans grow high on the slopes of Mount Elgon in eastern Uganda. The coffee plants thrive in the rich volcanic soils while being protected by beautiful shade trees. The climate at 5,000 feet above sea level is ideal for growing this flavorful coffee. Mount Elgon is home to more than coffee farms, with crater lakes and hot springs dotting the landscape and adding to the growing conditions.

Harvesting and Processing

The farmers only harvest the perfectly ripe coffee cherries. To maintain this level of perfection, they only harvest by hand. The beans then go through wet-processing to remove the pulp. Afterwards, the beans are left to ferment for 24 to 36 hours prior to washing them. Next, the beans head to the drying platforms, where they are kept under controlled lighting conditions. This ensure the beans are not subjected to highly intense sunshine, which can stress the beans. The beans undergo yet another hand-sorting to evaluate and only pass on the perfect beans.

The Farmers

One of the most unique aspects of Uganda 'Mount Elgon' coffee beans is the farmers. The all-women farmers who bring us this wonderful coffee work hard to ensure your experience is flawless. They maintain their farms working diligently to maintain healthy growing conditions for their coffee plants.

In addition to coffee trees, these farmers also keep bees alongside to create biodiversity. This not only supports healthy land, but also supports the farmers. Each of these farmers is also a member of the Friends of Mothers, an organization committed to empowering women to support their families and communities. The Friends of Mothers initiative provides on-going training in best farming and business practices to help these women to be empowered and their families and communities to thrive.

Try our new Uganda 'Mount Elgon' for a mouthwatering brew any time of day.

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