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FEATURE: New Single-Serve Coffees

Here at CoffeeAM we have a few new items to feature! We're always striving to bring you the best in coffee, tea, and accessories. Here are our newest offerings.

Brazil Cerrado - Single-Serve

Our Brazil Cerrado is grown at altitudes of 2,900-3,100 feet in a tropical savanna on the Santana Estate in the Cerrado region of Brazil. Here they grow a combination of Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai varietals of the arabica bean.

The flavorful brew has earthy undertones with hints of chocolate and a clean finish. Medium-bodied, well balanced, and extremely smooth this coffee will be a welcomed addition to your morning coffee routine.

Just like our half-pound, full pound, and five-pound bags of Brazil Cerrado, our single-serve coffee is freshly roasted and ground. It is then packed in our iFill K-cup compatible cups and shipped to you for easy going coffee any time of day.

Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde'

Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' is grown in the Central Valley of Colombia and is wet processed to be smooth and balanced. It has a brightness with rich, heady aromas and a delicate sweetness you are sure to enjoy.

We freshly roast and grind our Colombia Supremo 'La Valle Verde' for our iFill cups just as we do for our larger bags. We then pack the coffee into the K-cup compatible containers and ship them right to your front door so you can enjoy the convenience of rich, fresh coffee any time of day and with just the push of a button.

Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru

This is the only decaf option currently available in our convenient K-cup compatible single-serve containers. Organic Decaf 'Swiss Water' Peru is grown above 3,000 feet in the Northern Highlands of Peru. It is the Chanchamayo varietal of arabica bean coffee.


Not only is this organic coffee grown without the use of harmful chemicals in the fertilizer or pesticides, but it is also decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method which you can read about here . Clean and crisp with a full-body and perfect balance, this is a flawless coffee you'll reach for over and over.

Just like all our coffees, our Organic Decaf 'Swiss Peru' is freshly roasted to order, ground, and then packed on site. No store has fresher single-serve coffees than you can get from CoffeeAM. Enjoy the speed and convenience to get out of the house that much faster.

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