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Easter - It's Not Just For The Kids!

Spring has sprung and, as the earth comes back to life after the cold and desolate winter, a sense of wonder has permeated our days. Trees are starting to sprout leaves, the grass is beginning to perk up, and flowers are starting to bloom. With spring comes our first major holiday, Easter.

Easter coffees

Coffee for Easter?

Enjoying Easter as a kid may have included an egg hunt and probably a wish for the Easter Bunny to leave a basketful of candy. Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, egg-shaped chocolates, and more would be found nestled in that plastic grass that adorns those iconic baskets. Face it, we all loved Easter.

But as adults, we tend to forget about enjoying those simpler times. Yes, we make sure our kids or grandkids get to experience the joy of finding eggs hidden in the yard and baskets filled with sugary treats, but what about us? Or how about our grown children? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to celebrate Easter with delicious treats from the Easter Bunny? Well, now you can!

At CoffeeAm, we have a selection of Easter themed coffees you are sure to enjoy! Whether you keep them for yourself or share them with your loved ones or both is entirely up to you.

Easter Bunny Coffee Picks

Our Easter Flavored coffees inspire nostalgia with every sip. Check out these mouthwatering coffees to remind yourself of those fabulous Easter baskets with all those sugary and delicious treats. Choose from tasty coffees like:

Cadbunny Creme Eggs

Bock!! Bock!! The Easter Bunny has laid some delicious eggs. Wait a minute, bunny’s don’t lay eggs. But the flavor of these cream-filled chocolate eggs mixed with our freshly roasted pure arabica bean coffee is certain to convince you they can! Reach for our Cadbunny Creme Egg Flavored coffee when you want to enjoy your Easter egg hunt while sitting and sipping quietly at the table.

Marshmallow Chicks

Those sweet, fluffy, and colorful Easter treats are not only yellow chicks nowadays. But regardless of your choice of color or shape, the sugary deliciousness of our Marshmallow Chicks Flavored coffee will remind you of those pillowy, cute confections.

Pastel Jordan Almond

A toasted almond covered with a crisp candy shell is a delightful partner to our pure arabica bean coffee. But our Pastel Jordan Almond Flavored coffee is a guiltless version you can enjoy cup after tasty cup.

Peter Cottontail

You’re sure to come back for seconds of the yummy flavor of marshmallows and 100% arabica bean coffee in our Peter Cottontail Flavored coffee. The freshly roasted goodness flavored with sweet marshmallows is a go-to anyone would enjoy Easter morning.

Swiss Chocolate Bunny

Every time you got a chocolate bunny in your Easter basket you hoped it would be solid chocolate rather than hollow. Well, with our Swiss Chocolate Bunny Flavored coffee, we blend the rich flavor of Swiss chocolate with the equally rich flavor of our freshly roasted arabica beans. The taste will really get you hopping.

Easter Gift Set

We know. Sometimes it’s too hard just to pick one. Well, you don’t have to. Choose our Easter Gift Set and receive three one-pound bags of Easter flavored coffees with an Easter-themed label. In this set, we include one pound of each of these flavors: Peter Cottontail, Pastel Jordan Almond, and Swiss Chocolate Bunny. You can treat yourself with this adult Easter basket or share it with your adult kids! Surprise them with their own basket this year. It’s a great way to enjoy the fun of the day.

Head over to the Easter Coffees page today. There’s still plenty of time to order for delivery by the holiday. Remember, if you’re buying them as a gift to include the recipient’s name. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see your name on your very own personalized bag of coffee.

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