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Don't Let the Kids Have All the Fun - It's Time for a Banana Split!

Later this week, on August 25th, is National Banana Split Day. When is the last time you treated yourself to the decadence of such a delicious dessert? Was it when you were still a kid? Well, it's time to change that.

banana split

Old-Fashioned Banana Split

For an old-fashioned banana split, take a just-ripe banana, peel it, and slice it in half length-wise. Place the split banana in a boat-style dish and top with one scoop of chocolate ice cream, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, and one scoop of strawberry ice cream. Top the chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, the vanilla ice cream with pineapple chunks, and the strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce. Add freshly whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and a sprinkle of peanuts to finish off your classic banana split.

Banana Split, On A Stick

This completely unique take on the banana split is sure to appeal to those who like "stick foods" (think corn dogs, kebabs, churros, fried Twinkies, candy apples, and cake pops). To make your banana split on a stick, peel your bananas and cut them into one-inch disks. Remove the stems of strawberries and slice them in half. Peel and core a pineapple and slice it into one-inch chunks. Layer the bananas, strawberries, and pineapples on a long skewer. Top with a maraschino cherry. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and roll in crushed peanuts. Serve with a small dish of freshly whipped cream for dipping.

Layered Banana Split

These banana splits are elegant yet easy to make. In a small mason jar, layer banana slices, strawberry slices, and pineapple chunks with freshly whipped cream, drizzles of chocolate sauce, and peanuts. Top with a maraschino cherry.

S'more Banana Split, Please

Kick your campfire treats into high gear with these combo s'mores and banana splits. Layer a graham cracker with thinly sliced bananas and strawberries and top with a piece of a chocolate candy bar. Toast your marshmallow to your liking and, using another piece of graham cracker, slide the toasted marshmallow onto the chocolate bar to melt it slightly.

Banana Split Flavored Coffee

Enjoy a banana split any time of day along with some of the tastiest, freshly roasted, 100% pure arabica bean coffee. Our Banana Split Flavored coffee is a deliciously fun coffee that you can start your day with, energize your afternoon, or wind down in the evening. Available in regular and decaf, add a little milk and sugar to either version of this tasty coffee to highlight the flavors of tropical banana, creamy vanilla ice cream, rich chocolate fudge, and sweet cherries.

Treat yourself to this tasty dessert and, for an easy way to enjoy a banana split without all the hard work, try our Banana Split Flavored coffee.

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