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Don't Just Offer Coffee This Fall - Offer Tea

With Autumn and Winter come the seasons for entertaining. While you’re stocking up on your favorite coffees, don’t forget your tea drinking friends. Sitting and chatting over a hot cup of tea is an iconic way to spend a chilly afternoon. Even the ceremony of making tea can add drama and entertainment value to a ho-hum get-together.   Tea Party   Much like coffee, there are many types of tea. Well, there may be even more types of tea!  

Black Tea

The typical tea we think of when considering a cup is black tea. High in caffeine and extremely flavorful, you can drink black tea straight or with lemon or milk and/or sugar. You can also make tea drinks like lattes or add syrups as you do with coffee to introduce even more flavor.   Served over ice, black tea can be extremely refreshing. During the colder months this may not be something you would want to do, but in the warmer areas, it may be a welcome way to cool off. And in the South, we actually prefer our tea iced and sweet. For some of the finest gourmet black teas, check out our selections here.  

Flavored Black Tea

If you know there is a certain flavor you prefer with your black tea, you can purchase teas that are pre-flavored. These teas make it easy by already including lots of delicious taste. This also helps to keep the calorie count down since the flavoring oils don’t add any calories to the drink. If you prefer a little more sweetness, just a spoonful of sugar to your tea. And if milk is your preference, a splash would be just fine. Shop our flavored teas here.  

Green Tea

Possibly even more popular worldwide than black tea, green tea is another choice for your afternoon visits. Light and refreshing, green tea is also widely believed to have a range of health benefits. Much like black tea, you can drink green tea straight or with lemon and/or sugar. Though you can add milk to your green tea, it is not a widely practiced way to prepare green tea. A lovely green tea latte aside, green tea is mostly drunk on its own.   There are many ways of flavoring green tea, but the most common is with jasmine flowers. This amazingly bright and light scent and flavor make jasmine green tea a delight to have any time of day or evening. We have a nice variety of green teas available here.  

Oolong Tea

Oolong, which falls somewhere between green and black teas, has been growing in popularity in the US. Surprisingly light and delicious, oolong tea is a wonderful choice for your next afternoon cuppa. Choose from our selection of oolong teas here.  

White Tea

Much less common is white tea. Extremely delicate, this light tea would be perfect for a formal event or a special gathering of friends and family. Here you can find our white tea.  

Herbal Tea/Tisane

For those who prefer not to consume caffeine, herbal teas and tisanes are a perfect choice. With the wide variety of herbal teas and tisanes, there is no shortage of flavor. Whether you prefer minty, fruity, or floral herbal teas have you covered. Find our herbal teas here.   Tisanes are blends of dried herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits. These mixtures are extremely flavorful and are considered to have health benefits. Our tisanes are made with hibiscus leaves and rosehips which add naturally occuring vitamin C. Choose from our delightful tisanes here.  


Made with black tea, our chai has flavorful Indian Masala spices for a highly aromatic tea. Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger mix with the black tea for an eye-opening mix. Make this tea with milk and sugar or make a latte of it. Occasionally described as Thanksgiving in a cup, chai is a delicious way to spend an afternoon with a close friend. Our chai is available here. So there you have it! Update your Autumn and Winter hot beverage choices with teas from CoffeeAM. They are a delicious way to spend some time with your loved ones.
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