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Discovering the Perfect Cold Brew

Recently we have seen the rise in cold brew coffee drinking. Many of our fellow coffee drinkers love the shot of energy that coffee gives but they find that it is too acidic for regular drinking tastes. Add in the element of a hot summer day and no one really wants a steaming hot cup of Joe. This is why many coffee connoisseurs turn to iced coffee to satisfy their coffee cravings on a warm sunny day. But iced coffee for as good as it is and mind you it is delicious. Has one drawback the ice melts watering down your tasty beverage and altering the taste. Now, what if we could have all the flavor of coffee with none of the ice? Enter Cold Brew Coffee a simple tasty way to have a nice big glass of a refreshing cold pick me up.   Surprisingly for the taste the preparation of cold brew coffee is simple. With one or two items and a few minutes of preparation you can be enjoying a smooth cold brew coffee in your own home. Bean acidity occurs during the hot phase of coffee brewing. Since cold brew coffee is made through a steeping process this chemical exchange never occur and you are left with a more pure flavor profile of the bean itself and the acidity is lowered by half.   So, how do you make cold brew you might ask? Well, there are many popular methods out there ranging in size from mason jars to gallons at a time. Depending on what your preference and just how much coffee you plan on drinking it is up to you what method you should use. But if you have never done it before the mason jar method will probably be the best choice for your first attempt. Alternatively if you do not have a mason jar you can brew it in your French press easily enough.   Take your 1 quart mason jar and in it pour two thirds of a cup of coarsely ground coffee. Add to the mason jar three cups of water. Cap it and let it steep for 18-24 hours, be mindful that many have said that after the 24 hour point the brew begins to become bitter. Once the coffee has finished steeping pour it through a sieve and then a filter. This serving should make around five cups of cold brew coffee depending on how strong you like your take your coffee. It is a good rule of thumb to dilute the concentrate at about 50/50 ratio coffee to water then give it a taste. You will likely find you need much less cream or sugar with a good cold brew so please trust us and taste it first. ENJOY!
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