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Direct Trade Coffee: What's it All About?

You may have heard some coffees classified as ‘direct trade,’ but are unsure of what that means to you. Direct trade refers to a system that focuses on the relationship between individual coffee roasters and the coffee farmers. It is a way for roasters to support small family farms, who create great flavors. Due to resource restraints, these smaller farms may be restricted to sharing their coffee locally, but cannot reach the global market. At CoffeeAM, direct trade coffees are truly original, coming as is straight from the farms on which they are grown, without any tampering or blending. Direct trade coffees really allow coffee farmers to earn the wages that they deserve. There is more emphasis placed on quality than quantity, as the higher quality coffee is produced, the more the farmer will earn. This method is an incentive to farmers to continually improve their crops and growing practices, and gives them an opportunity to get to know the roasters. When you purchase direct trade coffee from CoffeeAM, you're actually helping to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions, as direct trade provides and promotes stable employment for coffee farmers. The best part is that you don’t even have to travel to enjoy these authentic coffee treasures.

That’s where our Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee comes in. Hailing from a small co-op in Haiti’s Nord region, this medium-light roast, with a creamy mellow and quite nutty flavor is smooth and easy to enjoy, even for those with digestive troubles. You don’t need to add sweeteners or creamers, as it is delicious in its natural state. We also give you the rare opportunity to learn more about the actual farmers behind this coffee, as well as the precise growing conditions.

Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Direct Trade Coffee (1lb Bag) You can truly appreciate the value of this light, balanced coffee, if you have a better understanding of its actual origins, and how it got from a small, rural farm to your cup. By drinking direct trade coffee from CoffeeAM, you are allowing humble coffee farmers to make an honest living to support themselves and their families.
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