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Creepy Coffees for Halloween

As soon as the month of October rolls around, it’s the start of party planning, pumpkin carving, and the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume. For many, none of that is as important as candy. For those of you who don’t really have a sweet tooth, there’s a little something surprising that will still get you in the Halloween spirit—coffee! You may be thinking to yourself, “what in the world does coffee have to do with Halloween?” Well, we have stirred up some seriously spooky (and gourmet) concoctions, to help you win Halloween this year! Mummy Mudslide The creamy combination of chocolate and vanilla has been a timeless favorite. When you add to that a spicy kick, evoking the flavors of Kahlua and Irish Cream, and then add 100% Arabica bean coffee, you have an authentic, gourmet blend of Mummy Mudslide. You can easily enjoy it hot or cold, AND satisfy your chocolate cravings without throwing your diet plan out the window. How? It has a whopping 2 calories per cup! You’re sure to enjoy this popular Halloween coffee just as much as the name! Mummy Mudslide Witches Brew Our very own coffee Roastmaster has conjured quite a brew in his coffee cauldron. He lightly roasted each small batch of Arabica bean coffee with the flavors of candy corn, an iconic Halloween candy. That very essence of Halloween, with a little bit of cream will quickly perk up your Halloween parties, and maybe make you the host of the year! Imagine, all it takes for a spine-chilling celebration is a sample of Witches Brew coffee! Witches Brew Franken-Fudge Brownie You don’t have to be Frankenstein to see why Franken-Fudge Brownie coffee makes for one terrifyingly tasty treat! The real taste of a fudge brownie, as well as maple walnut, European vanilla, and Southern pecan, made from 100% Arabica coffee is strong without being overpowering. If you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch to your party menu, then look no further than this light dessert coffee! Franken-Fudge Brownie How will you incorporate coffee into your Halloween traditions this year? Do you have any creepy concoctions of your own? Share them with us! Also, don’t forget to head over to our Facebook page, and enter our frightfully fun Halloween contest for a chance to win a free sampler!
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