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Country Spotlight: Panama's Camiseta Estate

In the western province of Chiriqui, nestled under the high gaze of Volcan Baru, lies the Camiseta Estate.  Located in the Boquete region, Camiseta refers to the district (much like a county in a state) where Panama Camiseta Estate Coffee is grown.  It's also the name of the farm where our freshest Panamanian import comes from. In this cool, temperate region of Panama, coffee thrives in the dormant volcano's soil.  For the approximately 20,000 people who live here, coffee is a major part of everyday life.  It's grown all along the foothills surrounding them, providing tons of coffee for export.  It's from here that we've received some of our newest coffee, Panama Camiseta Estate! These wet-processed SHB coffee beans are packed with flavor.  When you brew the coffee it gives off a sweet and slightly nutty aroma that's absolutely mouthwatering.  After the agonizing wait, the warmth of the first sip will immediately make the wait worth it.  It's well-balanced and clean, exuding flavors of caramel and nutty textures.  Camiseta Estate doesn't try to trick you with layers and layers of flavor.  Instead, it's deliciously scrumptious each and every sip.  If you love other Central and South American coffees, such as those from Colombia or Costa Rica, then this is a perfect alternative.  Give Panama's Camiseta Estate a try today; we're sure you'll love it!

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