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Cool off with a Peach Mint Smoothie!

It's been a crazy April this year.  Some places in the northeast are experiencing several inches of snow, yet areas of Arizona and California have already hit triple-digit temperatures.  One thing is for sure...cold temperatures are moving out, and summer is on its way!  If it's going to be crazy hot this summer, you're going to need drinks to help cool you off; we're here to help with that!  Try this simple Peach Mint Smoothie recipe; we have everything you need to make a delicious treat that you'll want to start enjoying right now! Peach Mint Smoothie (serves one) Here comes the hard part: blend and enjoy!  Whew, that was difficult! Be sure to check out our Recipes tab at the top of the page; this is where we're going to be adding even more recipes like this one!  Hopefully you'll find plenty of delicious ideas to keep you occupied year-round!
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