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Coffee With a Cause: Living Beyond Breast Cancer

It goes without saying that no matter what, giving back naturally feels good–having the small satisfaction that you are in fact making a difference, whether big or small, in someone’s life. When you combine that gratifying feeling with a hot cup of coffee, it tastes that much better. At CoffeeAM, we can help you have that experience through our coffees with a cause. We love supporting organizations that are continually striving to make a meaningful difference. For this reason, we’re a proud partner of Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC). 10% of coffee sales of each product on our Coffees for Breast Cancer Awareness page will benefit this foundation. Their mission is to provide information and support to those affected by all stages of breast cancer, as well as their family, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. This wonderful organization was founded in 1991 by a radiation oncologist in respond to a woman’s need for breast cancer related information, connection, and support after completing treatment. At that point in time, there were very few resources in place for women affected by breast cancer. Initially, the organization focused exclusively on post treatment, and consisted of a small staff and limited budget. Since then, it has experienced tremendous growth, and the capacity to greatly expand its programs and services. Our coffees for breast cancer awareness are gourmet delights from different parts of the world, from Sumatra to Costa Rica to Brazil to Jamaica, and some favorite flavored coffees, like Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel, and Rainforest Crunch. You can show your appreciation and support for the work of the Living Beyond Breast Cancer foundation, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, all courtesy of CoffeeAM. It’s a win-win!
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