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Coffee Tourism: Best Countries to Visit If You Love Coffee

You love coffee - so why not plan an entire vacation around your obsession?   People have yoga retreats and foodie tours, so why not coffee travel?   For you next solo voyage or family vacation, consider a journey to one of the following countries where coffee has a rich history or where people are doing really cool things with coffee these days. Sightsee at coffee plantations and taste some of the best coffee you’ll ever have. Don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for all of your tasty souvenirs!   Ethiopia   Why not start where it all began? According to coffee legend, an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi had some goats who accidentally got into a coffee bush and ate the berries. After that point, they were pretty hyper and Kaldi discovered for himself the wonder of the coffee berries. The rest, as they say, is history.   Legends aside, Ethiopia has a booming coffee industry that features some of the most earthy and richest beans in the world. Coffee lovers should put this African nation at the top of their coffee tourism list.   Italy   Fancy an espresso? Italy is the birthplace of this phenomenal coffee extraction. Espresso is the Italian way of doling out cuppas, one demi glass at a time.   In fact, espresso is so popular in Italy that if you ask for a cup of coffee, you’re not likely to get something like the average mugful that we know and love in the United States. It’s all about the espresso in Italy with your pastries or as an afternoon pick-me-up.   Turkey   Coffee is borderline sacred in Turkey. This country has long prized its coffee and uses elaborate coffee gatherings to bring people together.   If you’ve never had Turkish coffee, it’s some of the most exceptional in the world. Turks ground their coffee super fine and prepare it with sugar in a cezve one mug at a time. An authentic Turkish coffee ceremony involves many rounds of delectable coffee, interspersed by wonderful food and unforgettable conversation. It’s said that the Turkish coffee ceremony is as solemn an affair as a Japanese tea ceremony.   United States   Are you surprised that this northern-hemisphere country makes the list? You should be! Technically, there’s only one state where coffee grows, or at least where it grows well. Hawaii is the only state that is tropical enough to adequately sustain a thriving coffee industry.   But what makes Hawaii remarkable in the coffee industry is its phenomenal contribution of Kona coffee. This coveted bean is only grown on one side of one mountain on one island. The combination of volcanic soil and ideal growing conditions makes Kona one of the most coveted coffees in the world.   For U.S nationals looking for a coffee getaway, an excursion to Hawaii’s Kona plantations is just the ticket. Better still, this tropical location is passport- and duty-free for Americans, and you can taste some of the most delicious coffee you’d ever care to try!
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