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Coffee terms

CoffeeAM takes pride in educating their customers so that they may better find coffees that best suit their taste.  It is our sincerest hope that these gourmet coffee“cupping” terms help you better understand the descriptions of each gourmet coffee, enabling you to make purchases that will please your palate and thrill your taste buds! Aromas-   Burnt/smoky-usually found in dark roasted or oven-roasted coffee, this aroma is associated with the smell of burning wood and is indicative of a dark roasted coffee gourmet coffee. Check out our coffee characteristics profile to find a perfect coffee for you! Chocolate like-this aroma is sweet and would make you recall either a dark or milk chocolate or cocoa powder.  Sumatra Black satin is a best selling gourmet coffee with a chocolate like aroma. Caramel-This aroma and flavor is reminiscent of caramelized sugar, without burning it.  A great example is our Italian roast blend coffee. Earthy-Noted in coffees like Bali Paradise valley, this coffee has the aroma of fresh, wet soil or earth.  Like radish or raw potato, the coffee would taste of the earth it was cultivated from. Floral- Similar to the fragrance of a bouquet of flowers, you might smell the aroma of Jasmine, honeysuckle or dandelion as you sip your coffee. Fruity/citrus- Most high acidity coffees are going to be correlated with citrus characteristics. The aroma of berries is most commonly associated with coffee having a citrus attribute. Enjoy delicate floral berry and citrus aromas in our Ethiopian Longberry gourmet coffee. Grass/herbal-This aroma may remind you of a freshly mowed lawn, green grassy herbs, unripe fruit or green foliage. Nutty- The nutty aroma will be reminiscent of fresh roasted nuts.  A fabulous example of a nutty aromatic coffee is our Hawaiian Kona Volcanic estate. Spicy-This term is not used for savory spices, but instead for sweet spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice.  A coffee such as our Guatemala Antigua is a spicy gourmet coffee. Tobacco- This aroma can be depicted by the faint whiff of tobacco rising from your cup. You will notice an odor and slight flavoring of tobacco within the coffee. Winey- breathe in the smell of dry wood, an oak barrel or cardboard paper with winey aromatic coffees such as Costa Rica Reserve or Organic Peru Andes gold. Taste- Acidity- Acidic coffee has a desirable sharp, vibrant yet pleasing taste, which can be delightfully strong. It will place a dry sensation on the edges and back of your palate, much like a dry wine. Our bestselling acidic coffees are Tanzania Peaberry, Kenya AA and our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Bitterness- Affected by the degree of roasting, bitterness is desirable up until a certain point. Characterized by the solution of caffeine and other alkaloids, a Roastmaster experience really shines through when perfecting bitterness in a gourmet coffee.  We suggest Sumatra Black Satin to taste a smoky coffee done right! Sweetness- Free from other flavors, this coffee is one that will usually have the aroma of chocolate, caramel or fruit.  It will be reminiscent of fructose or sucrose like in our India Mysore or Organic Galapagos coffees. Become a facebook fan to keep up with everything CoffeeAM!
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