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Coffee Pods - Bad for the Environment? Not Always

An old article has begun making the rounds again in coffee circles. The subject? How single-serve coffee pods are bad for the environment. That may be true of some single-use coffee pods, but not all of them. At CoffeeAM, you can rest assured that your K-cup style coffee pods won’t damage the planet. Read on for more information.

single-serve coffee

Here To Stay

Face it, single-use coffee makers are here to stay. They may not be for everyone, but the use of single-serve coffee machines is second only to that of drip-style coffee makers here in the US. The convenience of popping a pod in the machine, pushing a button, and having a piping hot cup of coffee within a minute or two helps to get busy people out the door or on to other tasks in a much shorter amount of time.


There have been quite a few people who have determined coffee pods are a threat to our environment. We’re not saying all coffee pods are environmentally friendly, but not all single-use coffee pods are bad for the environment. Take our CoffeeAM single-use coffee pods for example. Made by iFill, our K-cup style single-use coffee pods are not only filled with freshly-roasted, 100% pure arabica bean coffee, they make a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee than most other coffee pods, and they are also 100% recyclable.

How Do They Do That?

Well, we’ll start with our fresh coffee. As you probably already know, we freshly roast all our coffees to order. We never pre-roast any of our coffees. This ensures all our 100% pure arabica bean coffee is as fresh as possible when it shows up on your doorstep. Once we roast our coffee, if it is to be ground (which, face it, all coffee must be ground for single-use coffee pods), we will grind it, also to order. After roasting and grinding, we fill our iFill single-serve coffee pods right on sight. We don’t outsource to other companies. Then we ship your freshly filled single-use coffees directly to your front door.

How does it taste so much stronger and full-flavored than other coffee pods? Our iFill coffee pods have revolutionized the coffee pod design. Rather than a paper filter inside a plastic cup which only fills approximately 2/3rds of the cup, our single-serve cups have a polypropylene filter which lines the inside of the cup all the way to the bottom. So your CoffeeAM coffee pods have more coffee in them than most store brand coffee pods. 

Finally, how are our iFill CoffeeAM single-use coffee pods better for the environment? Well, they are made with 100% fully recyclable content. Once you brew your coffee with a CoffeeAM single-serve coffee pod, just toss the whole thing in the recycle bin! It can’t get any easier than that.

Delicious Coffee In No Time

You might think most single-serve coffee is made with sub-par coffee. Not at CoffeeAM! Most of our single-serve coffee pods are filled with our best-selling coffees. And we add new coffees when we can. Take a look at this selection of mouthwatering, freshly roasted coffee you can have at the push of a button.

Guatemala Antigua - BEST SELLER This full-bodied brew is heavy and velvety-rich with a spicy twinge and savory flavor that lingers.

Brazil Cerrado - NEW Earthy and well-balanced, this coffee has hints of chocolate and a medium body with a clean finish you’ll surely enjoy.

Columbia Supremo - BEST SELLER | NEW Smooth and balanced with acidic brightness, our Colombia Supremo is lightly sweet with excellent balance and a clean, fresh taste.

Decaf Swiss Water Peru - BEST SELLER | NEW Our Decaf Swiss Water Peru is extremely unique due to its washing process, the Swiss Water Method. Its mildly acidic flavor and light-medium body make this coffee an easy to drink brew for any time of the day.

Bali Blue Moon - Full-flavored and smooth the mouthwatering notes of creamy chocolate, rich vanilla, and sweet syrup will sweep you away.

French Roast - BEST SELLER This darkly roasted blend produces a heavy body with bold, smoky overtones and a medium brightness.

Breakfast Blend -  Soft and mellow with a medium body and light acidity, this blend has delightful flavors of caramel and hints of chocolate.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend - BEST SELLER A mixture of authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain with Central and South American coffees, this mild blend has a rich flavor and full body with no bitterness and a smooth, chocolaty finish.

Kona Coffee Blend - This combination of pure Hawaiian Kona and Central and South American Arabica beans is smooth with a heavy body. Its intense aroma and rich chocolaty-nutty undertones will definitely please your senses.

Costa Rica Reserve - Rich in chocolaty-caramel notes, this coffee produces a cup that is winy with high acidity and a sharp finish.

Kenya AA - BEST SELLER  The notation AA means these beans are large in size as well as flavor. With a sharp acidity and a bold and heavy body, Kenya AA is layered with hints of fruit, giving it a complex sweetness and pungent aroma.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - BEST SELLER  This soft, fragrant coffee has a distinctive flavor that is both exotic and classic. It comes from one of the most distinguished regions of Africa and is wet-processed, giving it a medium intensity of spice and herb flavors.

Tanzania Peaberry - BEST SELLER This varietal is nurtured in the volcanic soils and perfect climate conditions of Mount Killamanjaro. Enjoy this lively cup that is bright and delicious.

Sumatra Black Satin - BEST SELLER This darkly roasted Indonesian coffee has a distinct flavor profile with smoky undertones combined with a heavy body. Each sip ends with a slight aftertaste of black pepper that will rejuvenate your senses.

Enjoy our single-serve coffees, toss them in the recycle bin, and know you don’t have to trade being good to the planet for convenience.

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