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Coffee Brewing Methods

Brewing coffee at home usually begins and ends with a bag of ground coffee or a K-cup and a drip pot or single-use brew machine. But coffee can be so much more than a ho-hum home brewed coffee. However, making amazing coffee at home doesn’t require an array of high-tech equipment or a ton of expertise. There are plenty of alternative coffee brewing methods that hardly take more time than preparing a drip coffee maker pot.  

French Press

  Perhaps the most popular home coffee brewing method is the French press. Simply add coarse ground coffee to the bottom of a press, brew some hot water and then let the coffee grounds steep. Press it and you’re ready to drink! You can use a French press for any of your favorite whole bean coffee - simply grind it before you take it home or freshly every morning.  


  You may be familiar with the Chemex brewing method from popular coffee accounts on Instagram, but this iconic alternative brewing method is more than just an icon for Millennials who like funky things. Chemex is a type of pour over that utilizes a specially designed glass container that suspends a pour over filerter over a pot that holds your brewed coffee. When you’re done with the filter, simply remove it from the top, tip and pour yourself a cup of coffee.  

Pour Over

  Pour over is similar to Chemex, but you don’t need a special pot to use one. Pour over filter holders come in a variety of shapes and styles, and are designed to fit on top of your regular coffee mug to brew a single cup whenever you please. Simply stick a special filter into the pour over holder, fill it with grounds, and pour some hot water over top. The coffee brews through the filter like a drip maker for one and your coffee is ready in no time - piping hot and perfectly fresh.  


  The Aeropress is a combination coffee brewing system that allows you to brew regular coffee or espresso. It works like an inverted French press, but has special filters that keep any extra grounds from getting into your cup. You can use an Aeropress with any coffee grounds or coffee mug that you please and brew one to three cups at a time. It’s easy to use at home or anywhere you go, so you can bring your coffee beans and brew them up whenever you please.
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