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Coffee and Tea Trends to Look for in 2021

Every year the trend analysts release their forecasts for what they think will be popular in the year to come. What is on the horizon for 2021? Let's take a look!

2021 trends


Buttery Goodness

The first trend we'll look at is actually an old trend that just never left. Butter coffee comes from the bulletproof coffee craze that has been ongoing since it was discovered by Dave Asprey in 2009. Moving away from the MCT or coconut oil and just using a tablespoon or so of butter, it's believed to help make the effects of the coffee stronger as well as to fill you up.

Hot Cocktails

This year hot cocktails are heating up menus and can be easily made at home. Beverages made with hot coffee, hot tea, hot apple cider, and mulled wine and more are making a splash. Drinks like Irish Coffee, Hot Toddy, and Hot Buttered Rum are classics you can enjoy. Watch for more unique and creative hot beverages showing up.

No Waste

With the no waste movement, the idea is to use all the parts of the plant or animal with nothing going to, well, waste. With coffee that means using the cherry pulp. Cascara, the dried coffee cherry skin, can be used in a syrup and even as a tisane.


Coffee tourism is continuing to grow. With coffee being an experience as much as it is a simple beverage, coffee tourism can encompass farming, processing, roasting, and cafes. Many cafes and roasters have developed tasting programs much like wineries, breweries, and distillers.


The strive for healthy choices is an on-going search in just about every aspect of life. Coffee is no different. Whether it's the additives or alternatives, making coffee time healthier can be just about whatever you want it to be. Additives include things like plant-based lighteners like soy milk, nut milks, and oat milk as well as turmeric and even mushrooms. Alternatives include matcha, golden milk latte, and even cacao beans.

Easy Coffee

Brewing coffee can be as intricate or as simple as you like. Today, it can be even easier. We've seen the growth of single-serve coffee pods, but there are more choices. Ready to drink coffee in cans and bottles is growing in popularity with Gen Z. One of the fastest growing canned coffees is snapchilled. Boasting more flavor than even cold brew, snapchilled coffee is brewed hot and chilled in seconds via machine prior to canning. Coffee in bags similar to teabags is a new way to quick coffee. Even instant coffee has made a comeback even better than it used to be.


Enjoying coffee prepared as it is in other countries is a fun way to experience another culture. In 2020 the Dalgona whipped coffee was super popular (though not very tasty per many who tried it). This did, however, open the door to delicious coffees like Vietnamese coffee made with sweetened condensed milk and robusta coffee brewed over ice. Turkish coffee which is made with coffee ground to a powder consistency and brewed in small cups of around 2 ounces.



In 2021, the tea is all about cocktails and zero-proof beverages, health, ready-to-drink, and options.

Cocktails and Zero-Proof

Like we mentioned in the coffee section, hot cocktails are in. Whether or not those cocktails have alcohol doesn't really matter. As a matter of fact, zero-proof cocktails are all the rage nowadays. Look for unique and creative offerings with and without alcohol and definitely with tea.


For years people have been drinking green tea for its health benefits. Today people are expanding to herbal teas like chamomile as well as using spices to make make their black tea healthier. Even CBD (the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis and hemp) has been making it into tea drinks for help with pain and anxiety.

Ready to Drink

Just like canned and bottled coffee, canned and bottle teas are making a huge splash. Considered better for you than those sugary sodas, look for black and green teas along with unique blends to pique your taste buds.

More Than the Bag

Start expecting more than a few choices of tea bags when you head out to those cafes and restaurants. People are demanding a better tea experience than can be provided by tea bags. Loose leaf tea with the entire ceremony that surrounds it gives the tea drinker a higher sense of satisfaction.

Which of these trends have you seen or are you looking forward to?

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