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Chill Out This Summer With Our Incredible Tea Varieties

June is Iced Tea Month. What a great way to stay cool during the Summer. But with all the different varieties of tea, what’s best iced? Let’s take a look.

iced tea varieties

Black Tea

This is the most common tea used for iced tea, whether or not it’s sweetened. Black tea has a strong flavor with lots of tannins which work well when iced. The rich flavor is delightful on its own, with a squeeze of lemon, or with sugar. Add a sprig of mint for extra brightness.

Try our Iced Tea Blend (which is also great hot) for a delicious glass of iced tea on a hot Summer day.

Green Tea

Not quite as popular here in the US (though its popularity is growing), green tea is also tasty iced. The light flavor is super refreshing and, with a touch of your preferred sweetener (honey, agave, or even sugar), it’s a delicious way to chill out this Summer.

Our Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea is an ideal choice for your Summer iced tea. It has a light cherry flavor that will have you coming back for more.


A base of rose hips and hibiscus leaves gives our tisanes a light floral flavor that is a fantastic base for the refreshing fruity flavors that you’ll love. These caffeine-free combinations are beautiful when brewed. Over ice, you’ll find our tisanes are super-coolers.

For a gorgeous glass of iced tea, try our Blue Eyes Tisane. Sweet enough on its own, it gives soft drinks a run for their money. As a bonus, try freezing Blue Eyes Tisane into ice pops for the kids!


The spicy taste of chai is surprisingly delicious when iced. The sweet and spicy flavors of cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg with black tea are tempered with milk. Over ice, our Masala Chai would be a perfect morning cooler to combat the sweltering days of Summer.


Peppermint, chamomile, red rooibos - we usually consider these for afternoon relaxers, but over ice, they become Summer afternoon coolers. Refreshing mint, citrusy chamomile, and woodsy rooibos are unique yet tasty choices for iced teas. Trying iced herbals for the first time, we suggest our Peppermint tea. On the back porch with a good book and an icy glass of this will surely become your favorite Summer pastime.


A subset of black tea, our many Flavored Teas will give you endless choices for hot weather coolers. Choose Peach Flavored tea for a super Summer treat. For something a little more exotic, our Passion Fruit Flavored tea is the ideal choice. Or, take it back to the days of yesteryear with our Sassafras Flavored tea. Over ice, these teas will keep you chill through the hottest days.


Making iced tea is simple. There are many ways to prepare tea for cooling off during the Summer. Check out this blog post or this one for instructions for making your perfectly iced concoction.


Kick your iced tea game up a notch or two with some of the ideas here or add some extra flavor and sweetness to your tea with gourmet flavorings. Stay cool this Summer!

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