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Don't Forget Dad This Sunday! Here Are 7 Ideas...

Sunday, June 19th, is Father's Day, a day kids celebrate their fathers across the country with golf shirts, ties, and homemade cards. If you are looking for an alternative to the same old tired gifts, here are some ideas. (But keep the cards, those are priceless!)   happy father's day    


Does your dad strive to be the next Jack Nicklaus? Spend a few hours with him on the local golf course. Make sure to plan ahead as prime golf times fill up fast. And if you don't golf yourself, play caddy! Driving the cart is half the fun anyway. Can't get a tee time? Hit a few buckets of balls or a schedule a lesson with a pro to perfect dad’s swing.  


There are worse ways to spend a day than on the water. Take your dad out to the local fishing hole to cast his cares away while trying to catch the "big one". A little pre-planning will make this an enjoyable afternoon. Make sure the fishing gear is in working order and you have your bait. Don't forget sunscreen and bug spray. And pack a simple lunch with a cooler of ice cold drinks.  


Whether you live near an MLB team, a semi-pro club, or even a little league team, baseball is a fun way to spend the day. It IS an American past-time after all. Be sure to head to the ballpark early enough to grab a hot dog and a soda. Maybe you'll even catch a ball to commemorate the day!  


You say The Dude's got nothing on your pops? Take him to the local bowling alley for a few frames. Quotes from Big Lebowski are optional but may score you extra credit.  


If art is more your dad's style, heading out to the local museum may be more his speed. Whether fine art or something more historical, there are museums for every taste.  


Do you live near a National or State Park? Maybe there's a nature conservancy nearby? Any of these would be suitable for a jaunt with your father. Bring the binoculars to look for local birds or take your camera for beautiful landscape pictures. You'll need to make sure you have proper footwear, plenty of water, and don't hike a trail above your abilities. Some sunscreen and bug spray won't go amiss either.  

Leisurely Morning

Is your dad a busy man, getting up at the break of dawn every morning? Let him sleep in this Father’s Day and surprise him with breakfast in bed. (Moms aren’t the only ones who deserve it!) What dad wouldn’t love a tray with waffles, bacon, fruit, and a steaming cup of CoffeeAM coffee? Just make sure you clean up the kitchen afterward!  

Speaking of Coffee

This Father’s Day, CoffeeAM has you covered with our Father’s Day Well Suited Gift Set. With one full pound each of our Sumatra Black Satin, Colombia Supremo, and Vermont Maple Pecan coffees, dad will be remembering his special day for weeks to come.  
Sumatra Black Satin This dark roast organic coffee offers intense smoky and earthy flavors with a spicy black pepper finish. Colombia Supremo Hand-harvested, we roast this bean to a light medium for a brew with a heady aroma and rich flavor.   Vermont Maple Pecan Delicious flavors of maple and crunchy pecan combine for a special taste sensation.
    Our Well Suited Gift Set is specially packaged for Father’s Day. Include your father’s name on the bags at no extra cost! Whether a relaxing breakfast in bed, a hearty breakfast to take on the day, or a thermos to power through the afternoon, ORDER NOW and your dad will be ready for it.
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