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Cafe@Home - A New Series at CoffeeAM

With the new normal of social distancing and staying home unless it's "mission-critical," you might be missing those daily stops at the coffee shop. But you can recreate the same experience from the comfort of your own home.

Our new series, Cafe@Home, is meant to help you bring a little of that coffeehouse feel to your new daily grind.

Set the mood with a coffeehouse playlist from your favorite music app. Check out this playlist from Spotify. Next, reach for your freshly roasted coffee beans from your favorite online coffee roaster, CoffeeAM. Brew your coffee to your liking and stir in your favorite add-ins. For an extra bit of authenticity, add a flavored syrup like French Vanilla. Relax in your favorite chair or bring your coffee outside for that street cafe feeling.

Place your order today for all your Cafe@Home needs. Make it extra special and gift yourself our French Press at Home kit or our Flavor to Taste Gift Set. Watch for our regular Cafe@Home newsletters and share how you #CafeAtHome on Facebook.

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